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Weekend Update

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Heres all the Albertan Results from the past weekend.

San Dimas NRC Road Race:

Jake Erker (Symmetrics Cycling)

Stage 1: 29th

Stage 2: 64th

Stage 3: 27th

GC: 38th

Fontana NMBS XC #1

Elite Women XC:

Mical Dyck (Trek/Terrascape Racing) 9th

Danelle Kabush (Luna Women’s MTB Team) 24th

Mical Dyck - Race action at Fontana NMBS

Elite Women STXC:

Mical Dyck (Trek/Terrascape Racing) 4th

Danelle Kabush (Luna Women’s MTB Team) 23rd

Elite Men XC:

Brian Bain (CMC/Bow Cycle) 68th

Andre Sutton (Hardcore) 72nd

Elite Men STXC #1

Brian Bain (CMC/Bow Cycle) 53rd

Track World Championships

Men’s Omnium

Travis Smith

200m TT- 2nd

Scratch Race- 12th

Pursuit- 17th



Individual Pursuit

Tara Whitten 16th.


Roughly 18 Questions with Sean Carter

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Name, Discipline, and Sponsors
Sean Carter, mostly road these days, Steamwhistle Wheelers Powered by Tubby Dog and Electra (VCC)


1. Age?
37 going on 25

2. Where did you grow up, and where do you live now?
I grew up on the west side of Toronto, lived on the west coast of Canada for 6 years and have been in Alberta since 1998. I love it here and it is my home now.

3. Oilers or Flames?
Are you kidding? GO LEAFS GO!!!

[Editor Note – Leafs were officially eliminated from the playoffs last night] [Other Editor’s Note – Whether or not the Leafs make the playoff’s is inconsequential as the Leafs are bigger than the Playoffs.]


4. What is your job?
Sales rep (road warrior) for Thule Canada – covering AB/SK and MB. I spend a lot of time behind the wheel of my van, driving, driving, driving…

5. Best Result?
Thats a tough one cuz i have been racing for so long now. hmmm…the most recent would be my result (3rd overall – 1st Cat.3) from the Canmore Crit a couple years ago.


6. Key to your past successes?
Belief in my own abilities and never giving up. Road racing is a lottery and the strongest guy doesn’t always win – usually it’s the smartest guy who wins!

7. What result are you most proud of?
I am most proud of being an active racer for so long – this will be my 22nd year racing.

8. What’s in regular rotation on your iPod right now?
I have a satellite radio I listen to when riding so the programming changes all the time. Most of the time I listen to the alternative stations.


9. Future goals in Cycling?
Win the crit provincials in cat.3 this year, win the Skid Contest World Championships in the fall (VCC event) and try to keep bringing new people into the sport through the newest cycling club in Alberta – Veloplzen CC. Two friends of mine had the idea that there needed to be a cycling club created that would welcome riders of all disciplines and abilities and allow people who might feel intimidated by the existing club culture a place to call home. We want to offer a new type of club, focused primarily on having fun, riding together on all kinds of bikes and putting on events that are unique and exciting to ride. I think we have done a good job bringing together sponsors who are new to cycling and the feeling i have is that we are going to have alot of fun this summer. I think we already have close to 50 people signed up and only 10 or so are racers.

10. Best memory in cycling?
That’s easy! My best memory was the very first day i rode a 2-wheeler…i was 5 at the time and my friend Dave was convinced he could teach me to ride it so we set off with my new bike to the parking lot of our apartment building to give it a try. He said “just pedal, dont stop, you’ll be fine”. I said “ok”. then i hopped on and he gave me a mighty push and VOILA! I was riding. The wind in my hair, the feeling of speed, so good…this is exactly when things went bad…he didn’t tell me how to turn or stop and sure enough I rode full steam right into the side of a parked car, crashing into it and ending up in a heap on the concrete. It was at that moment that I fell in love with bicycles and I have never looked back.

11. High Socks or Low Socks?
Low socks in the 90’s – high socks now.

12. What is your pre-race meal?
French press coffee, some toast, nothing special. I am usually too nervous to eat much.


13. What do you think about while you race?
Usually strategy and what I need to do to win! After that, probably the same things everybody else is thinking…”damn this is hard” or “I forgot to pay my gas bill” or “I’m bored, time to attack”.

14. Campy / Shimano / SRAM?
SRAM – on both the road bike and MTB.

15. Any pre-race rituals?
I always pack my stuff the night before and clean my bike the night before as well. A clean bike is a fast bike!

16. Any (other) passions or hobbies in your life?
Being the best dad I can be to a fantastic little 5yrs old boy. Keep your eyes open for Andreas in 10 yrs or so…he’s gonna be fast!


17. Best bike you’ve ever owned?
Impossible question to answer because i think every bike i have owned was great. I have 13 bikes right now and love every one of them…

18. What’s the best part about cycling in Alberta?
Hands down – the ability to ride all year long (in Calgary anyway!) and the generally dry climate. Being an hour away from the Rockies is a luxury few appreciate as well!

Sean Carter

Introducing BikeAlberta’s European Correspondant – Spencer Smitheman!

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BikeAlberta is proud to welcome Spencer Smitheman. Spencer hails from the metropolis of Beaumont, just south east of Edmonton and he’s been around the Alberta Bike scene for a number of years, but he’s not as old as you think. Entering his first full on year of Espoir Spencer finds himself racing in Europe. Spencer is here to tell us all about it…

gp-peymeinade.jpgHello. This is the first in a series of weekly diaries I will be doing for Bike Alberta. My name is Spencer Smitheman and I am a first year espoir currently spending the season racing for a team in France. The team is Creusot Cyclisme and is one of 17 Division Nationale 1 (highest amateur level in France) teams.

I have been in France for about two and a half months now. I started the trip in Nice where I trained for a month before meeting up with the new team for a training camp (including races) in Frejus. I have now settled into the town of Le Creusot where the team is based, spending a large majority of my time training and

[Spencer has agreed to let all of us Albertan’s live vicariously through him as he chases his dream while racing in France. Enjoy…]

This past week seemed to see a lack of luck for me. Having a race on the Sunday as opposed to both days of the weekend allowed me to do some more intense and structured training during the week. Wednesday was a group ride other Creusot riders and I also had some intervals which I added to the ride. My roommate, Bartosz Banach (a Polish rider and the only other foreigner on the team) joined me on the intervals, pushing me faster on each effort ahead of the peloton.

The next day was another longer ride with Bartosz to Mont Beauvray. I enjoyed the climbing and being allowed to do some minor efforts in the middle of the week, not to mention the scenery of the Morvan nature park. Friday was when luck slipped a little as I woke up at 4 AM unable to swallow with a painful throat. It rained throughout the day and I was unable to ride, feeling very sick. Saturday I felt a bit better after spending a day resting. It snowed in the morning, but it did not take and by the afternoon I wanted to be on my bike. I dressed with more clothes than necessary, unable to move once I set out riding, and headed off to check out Sunday’s course.


The race was a criterium here in Le Creusot, so I rode around the area where I thought it was to be held and then came back home. The next day I felt even better and thought maybe I could race well regardless of being sick. So, I headed over to the course rather optimistic. The start of the race was cold with the wind blowing in your face. Every Creusot rider was lined up at the front for the spectators and at this point I was freezing. All I could think about was throwing my foot onto the pedal and accelerating away to generate some heat. As the gun went off, four of the racers from Creusot, including me opened a gap on the peloton. It was not a move to get away, but it drew the pack into a line in pursuit at high speeds. We spent a lap and a half toying with the riders chasing before they pulled it fully back together. It did not seem like our strength that was keeping us out front, but more the lack of organisation of the other riders that early in the race. I slid back into the pack to recover from the effort and soon found myself in the last third.

The third lap came around and I was still trying to recover when a teammate a little further ahead fell over. I didn’t see it and I don’t know how he could have done it, especially on a wide and straight road as we were accelerating from a turn, but he just fell over. I slammed on the breaks and looked for an opening, but he slid on his side a full 90 degrees to the direction of the road. Then his bike slid away from him in a similar fashion. So I rode over him as slow as I could manage and then tipped over, sliding on my side. The crash included four riders and all of them were from our team. It was embarrassing and also finished the race for me.

I returned home after talking to the team directors and making a trip to the medical van. Monday was supposed to be a much bigger race for me, an Elite National level race in Vougy, near Roanne. I had to miss this race, however, as I determined I would continue to prolong a full recovery from my sickness if I kept on as usual. I took Tuesday off the bike as well to make sure 100% that I would not do any damage. Bartosz was 6th in the snowy race in Vougy, his best result in an Elite National race. I now prepare for the weekend where I am not quite sure what race I am doing. I felt good enough to ride today and felt fresh on the bike. Hopefully it is a good sign for what is to come.


Spring Classic – Saturday April 5 – Alberta Beach

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Start off your cycling season like the Europeans – with a big one day spring fling that gets your body kick-started for the upcoming season. After this, every ride will feel so easy! Choose the distance that suits your mood: 15, 40, 62, 92 or 125 km!

All rides begin in Alberta Beach at the Senior’s Cultural Centre (on main street behind the tavern on 50th St.)

Start Times:
The 125km starts at 10:30 am. The 92km starts at 11:00. The 62km begins at noon. The 40km starts at 12:45 pm. and 15km starts at 1:30 pm.

15 km Novice, 40 km Beginner, 62 km Intermediate, 92 km or 125 km Advanced.

$10/person for the meal (pay at the ride, however you MUST RSVP so we have enough food for everyone.)

Alan, Millie Schietzsch (455-1924,

More Information

The 125 km option starts at 10:30 am and cruises west, then north through the hills near Sangudo, before returning to Alberta Beach for the meal. The 92 km starts at 11:00 am and goes to Darwell and then turns left to Hwy 16 and then loops back around to Darwell and then to Alberta Beach. The 62 km begins at 12:00 Noon, circling the beautiful lake before returning. For insurance purposes, all riders must have club membership.


Mid-ride snack

Too long? Try just 40 flat km from Alberta Beach to the country store at Darwell and back, or the 15 km ride that goes west then north to Gunn and back to Alberta Beach with plenty of time to join the big after-ride feast when the 3 groups arrive together to celebrate their adventures.

The meal is at 3:30 pm to allow everyone to eat or at least see each other at the meal. (If weather is bad we will still have the meal – a feast without the pedaling!)

RSVP required by April 3rd ( or 455-1924.)

This year I’m looking for volunteers for support driver and ride leaders.

Please call Millie at 455-1924 or email:

So who plans to attend? Leave a comment and let us know if you’re going to come out and enjoy an awesome day of great riding and even greater food!


Brys Francis about to devour the fresh fruit post ride at the 2006 Spring Classic

Check out what happens when you’re late and in a rush to catch the Spring Classic group ride [here]

Circuit de Mayhem

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Brand new for this year is the inaugural Calgary Bike Week. Boasting an expanded Tour de Bowness on the first weekend and The Ride for the Wild Roses and Provincial Time Trial Championships the second weekend, all that was missing was a mid week race. Midweek Mayhem stepped up in a big week to provide not only their normal midweek criterium on Tuesday, but also the “Circuit de Mayhem” on the Thursday evening. In addition to all these great races, the Oval will again be hosting their wildly popular Youth Road and Track Provincial championships, which last year lured riders all the way from the Southern US States. Noel dropped Bike Alberta a line with the latest update:

Hi – Just wanted to let you guys know that we’ve set up a site for Midweek Mayhem’s “Circuit de Mayhem” (working title) race scheduled for Thursday August 7th down in Calgary as part of Bike Week.

The race is still solidly in the planning stages, but we’re looking good so far. The blog is setup to provide race info, plus a look behind the scenes at race organization for rookies. We’ve successfully hosted a midweek series for years in Calgary, but the ABA sanctioned road race is a new proposition and a big step up for us.

cheers | noel.

August 2-10, 2008. Mark it on your calendar; it’s going to be a great week of racing.

Roughly 18 Questions – Tim Heemskerk

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Welcome to the premier edition of “Roughly 18 Questions”! Here we will provide you with incite into what goes on with cyclists in as we profile Alberta Riders. For our first profile we have the Flyin’ Dutchman Tim Heemskerk. Tim is a very accomplished racer who’s resume includes a Trans Rockies win and an appearance at the 2002 World Championships for the Dutch National Team. So why can he tear off legs? Read to find out…

Name, Discipline, and Sponsors
Tim Heemskerk
United Cycle, Geax/Vittoria Italy, My wife.


1. Age?
32 years young.

2. Where did you grow up, and where do you live now?
I grew up in The Netherlands, came to Canada 3.5 years ago.

3. Oilers or Flames?
Oilers since I am from Edmonton.

4. What is your job?
Fulltime Coach and manager of TTP, athletes in Canada and Holland for road- cross- MTB.

5. Best Result?
In 2007: Winning TransRockies Challenge w/ Roddi!
Coaching my athletes into medals @ championships, Like Cody to Junior national champion MTB; Yvo Kusters (NED) to a World Championship title and Ryan Hopping and Brian Robinson to a medal @ Nationals cross. Next to that winning 45 races in 3 years in Alberta in all road- cross- MTB. In Europe I finished 2nd once @ the Elite MTB championships of Belgium- Holland- Luxemburg.

6. Key to your past successes?
Key is a large portion of talent for riding/ racing your bike, but next to that it is all the Base Training in the Winter period, consistency (fitness comes over the years), dedication, proper planning and hard work and lots of suffering! I am a perfectionist so my equipment has to be mint as well, like a clean bike before the start. Also, the daily support of my wife Debby +proper recovery is important too


7. What result are you most proud of?
-Finishing 5th @ Nationals MTB in Holland in 2002 and qualifying for ELITE World and European Championship as a member of the Dutch national Team with guys like olympic champion Bart Brentjens, Bas Peters and Maarten Tjallingi (Quick Step right now).
-September 2004 I won a big MTB race in Holland and the race was showed on National tv for like 8 min, that was awesome, it was my last race over there, so I left with a lot of pride!


8. What’s in regular rotation on your iPod right now?
Linkin’ Park- Film Music Off Road to Athens- Tiesto.

9. Future goals in Cycling?
Raising the bar in Cross as a racer and organizer and keep bringing people together on my weekly TTP Training rides.

10. Best memory in cycling?
Traveling all over the World and seeing many beautifull places and different people- cultures and living life pretty simple.

11. High Socks or Low Socks?
Low for sure, hey I am still European!

12. What is your pre-race meal?
In the morning of: Bread or Toast w/ Nutella or Cheese (Nice fresh GOUDA), a few coffees and a banana or 2.

13. What do you think about while you race?
I am HEEMER, I am HEEMER,….no just kidding: I try not to think about anything, try to be in a flow but sometimes there’s this same song stuck in my mind everytime I pass this same section of the course….Try to remain positive, no negative thoughts, at least try.

14. Campy / Shimano / SRAM?
Shimano for Road and Sram for MTB.

15. Any pre-race rituals?
Yes, these are almost always the same like packing my stuff the same way, checking my bike the same way, wear certain lucky socks, etc. I can be pretty relaxed and loud hrs before a race but within the hr and as soon as I get on the bike for my warm up it is serious business. When I get form the days leading up to certain races I can become a little grumpy/ tense.

16. Any (other) passions or hobbies in your life?
Coaching is my passion and hobby, pretty nice it to be my job. I love to make and drink good coffees @ home and to enjoy them in a coffee shop like Da Capo


17. Best bike you’ve ever owned?
I had a KLEIN QUANTUM PRO road bike during my first 2 season here in Canada and that bike was the best bike I have ever owned. Light, very stiff and fast and more importantly I won races on that sucka.


18. What’s the best part about cycling in Alberta?
For MTB I would say the mostly good and dry weather and the awesome scenery in the Mountains. Gone are the super muddy races in Europe wearing out brake pads and chains in one single MTB race. Next to that it is the low stress and easy starts of the MTB races. No pushing or super aggressive starts in a field of 100+ riders.  Also riser bars and full suspension bikes!

More photos of Tim can be viewed [here].

Four Hours of Power

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Provided by Terrascape Racing

The Four Hours of Power Indoor Relay held on March 15th was great success as all of the entry fees went directly to the Talisman Centre Access Advantage Annual Campaign. In recognition of Terrascape Racing hosting the event, Talisman Centre, directed 50% of the profits to Mical Dyck as an Athlete in need. Mical has been Canada Cup XC Champion 3 times and is focusing on World Cup races this year now that her degree is completed.

Seventeen teams consisting of 63 riders competed head-to head in Calgary’s Talisman Centre. The power trainers were lined up around the 3-point line of the gym. To start the race, 2 laps of the indoor track were completed by the lead rider. Lanky Zane Westerbeek of Team H&R Block won the Lemans start and was the first competitor to start spinning. Slopes were changed every 5 minutes with climbing sections alternating every other 15 minute interval. Sixteen stages later the race finished after 4 gruelling hours. The energy in the gym was amazing as riders churned up the steepest climb of the event to the finish. Teams could change riders if they choose to but lost time during the swap. The occasional rain storm blew through the peloton. Random flat tires were drawn from the hat but every team chose to pay Mical to fix it instantly. The race was followed by an awards banquet catered by Talisman Centre.
Rockstars of the Road, a two man team of Devon Smibert and Jonathon Wilson gained the lead in the 6th stage, was the first to 100 km, finished on the podium in 10 stages and averaged 33.4 km/h. Second was Team H&R Block, finishing on the podium in 14 stages and averaging 32.6 km/h. Third was Synergy Racing Club, finishing on the podium in 5 stages and averaging 31.1 km/h. Fourth was Calgary Police Services Hammerheads; their strategy of using only two bikes and switching riders every 15 minutes almost beat the local racing teams (watch out for those bike cops on the paths this summer). Staples and Nuts, another two man team, had the highest stage speed of 43.2 km/h and finished fifth.


As Mical noted, “The cycling community is such a small community and it’s absolutely wonderful to have so many people come out to show their support and ride this weekend at the first annual 4 Hours of Power. I hope that everyone had as much fun as I did and enjoyed the great meal afterwards. Thank you so much for coming out and I really hope to see everyone out riding this summer.”

“See Dyck Ride, Ride Dyck Ride” and “I ride for Dyck” t-shirts were bought by many riders. They will be available at Alberta Bicycle Association races until they are gone.
Many thanks to the riders, volunteers, sponsors and Talisman Centre for making the event a success.

Photos, complete results, team lists and sponsors are available on the Terrascape Racing blogspot: