Bike Alberta

New BabyThe source for all your Cycling related news, events and info in Alberta.

What we’re hoping to accomplish: We created Bike Alberta to become the source for all cycling related news, events and info in Alberta. The mission of Bike Alberta is to help bring together and ultimately grow the Alberta Cycling scene. Whether you use your bike on or off road, for commuting, for touring, for racing, or for the sheer happiness it brings you, Bike Alberta aims to be the one stop resource for all of your needs. We aspire to keep an up to date list of cyclist’s blogs, bike shops and bike friendly businesses, cycling news and anything that should inspire us, or that we think will inspire you. All contributions are welcome and can be submitted, along with any questions to bikealberta @
– I thought our Mission statement should be front and centre for everyone to read in Bike Alberta’s first week. Our goal is for this website to grow with the Alberta Cycling scene. We say it a few times throughout the site, but we want to reiterate; if it relates to cycling in Alberta, send it our way. We’ll be on the hunt for all the best articles, interviews and insights into cycling in Alberta, but if there’s something you feel should be posted, by all means, send it our way.

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