Job Opportunity

Calgary’s Midweek Mayhem Cycling Association (MMCA) is seeking Race Managers to run their criterium and cyclocross races from May to October.

Midweek Mayhem will be filling the positions as follows:

  • ·         2 – 3 Crit Manager positions from May to August.
  • ·         2 CX Manager positions from September to October.

Purpose of having more than one position is to allow the race managers time to race either on their off nights and allow for additional support where required.

The positions will report to the President of the MMCA and will receive a rate of $18.50/hour and will be reimbursed for any costs incurred, including mileage at a rate of $0.50 / km.  While it is preferred that the successful candidates have access to a vehicle, it is not required.  

Candidates will generally average approximately 5 hours every other week (~ 3.5 hours on Tuesday night and ~ 1.5 hours for results submission, etc.).  Additional hours and additional Tuesday nights may be worked through request of the President of MMCA and depending on required support.

 Please refer to for the full posting or contact for more information.


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