Lance to Open Commuter Friendly Bike Shop

It seems like Lance is getting into the bikeshop business, but with a twist. The plan for Lance’s shop is to emphasize and promote bicycle commuting in Austin, Texas. Mellow Johnny’s will be a 18,000 sq ft bike shop, commuting hub, training facility, and coffee shop – all in one location.

The goal of the shop is “to promote bike culture and bike commuting”. A majority of offices and businesses in the downtown of Austin do not have any facilities for employees who commute to work via bicycle. Mellow Johnny’s will be there with showers and bike storage to help promote a greener way to travel to work; moving Austin a few more pedal strokes closer to being a cycle-friendly city.

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How does Alberta stack up? What’s the bicycle commuting experience in Edmonton & Calgary? We want to hear from you. Leave a comment and share your experience – good or bad. Let us know how commuting matches up to the rest of North America and Europe. We’ve seen a lot of positive change for major cities to be come more bicycle friendly, but we still have a ways to go. Great organizations such as the People’s Pedal and the Edmonton Bicycle Commuters Society help keep the issue on the forefront of city officials and planners agenda.

It’s all about being green and doing the environment a favor, which can be difficult at times in good ol’ Alberta.

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