Four Hours of Power

Provided by Terrascape Racing

The Four Hours of Power Indoor Relay held on March 15th was great success as all of the entry fees went directly to the Talisman Centre Access Advantage Annual Campaign. In recognition of Terrascape Racing hosting the event, Talisman Centre, directed 50% of the profits to Mical Dyck as an Athlete in need. Mical has been Canada Cup XC Champion 3 times and is focusing on World Cup races this year now that her degree is completed.

Seventeen teams consisting of 63 riders competed head-to head in Calgary’s Talisman Centre. The power trainers were lined up around the 3-point line of the gym. To start the race, 2 laps of the indoor track were completed by the lead rider. Lanky Zane Westerbeek of Team H&R Block won the Lemans start and was the first competitor to start spinning. Slopes were changed every 5 minutes with climbing sections alternating every other 15 minute interval. Sixteen stages later the race finished after 4 gruelling hours. The energy in the gym was amazing as riders churned up the steepest climb of the event to the finish. Teams could change riders if they choose to but lost time during the swap. The occasional rain storm blew through the peloton. Random flat tires were drawn from the hat but every team chose to pay Mical to fix it instantly. The race was followed by an awards banquet catered by Talisman Centre.
Rockstars of the Road, a two man team of Devon Smibert and Jonathon Wilson gained the lead in the 6th stage, was the first to 100 km, finished on the podium in 10 stages and averaged 33.4 km/h. Second was Team H&R Block, finishing on the podium in 14 stages and averaging 32.6 km/h. Third was Synergy Racing Club, finishing on the podium in 5 stages and averaging 31.1 km/h. Fourth was Calgary Police Services Hammerheads; their strategy of using only two bikes and switching riders every 15 minutes almost beat the local racing teams (watch out for those bike cops on the paths this summer). Staples and Nuts, another two man team, had the highest stage speed of 43.2 km/h and finished fifth.


As Mical noted, “The cycling community is such a small community and it’s absolutely wonderful to have so many people come out to show their support and ride this weekend at the first annual 4 Hours of Power. I hope that everyone had as much fun as I did and enjoyed the great meal afterwards. Thank you so much for coming out and I really hope to see everyone out riding this summer.”

“See Dyck Ride, Ride Dyck Ride” and “I ride for Dyck” t-shirts were bought by many riders. They will be available at Alberta Bicycle Association races until they are gone.
Many thanks to the riders, volunteers, sponsors and Talisman Centre for making the event a success.

Photos, complete results, team lists and sponsors are available on the Terrascape Racing blogspot:


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