Edmonton Velodrome Update

Courtesy of Pedalmag.com

April 8, 2008 (Edmonton, AB)- Pedal has learned that the Edmonton Velodrome Proposal, to dismantle the 333m Argyle track built for the 1978 Commonwealth games and replace it with an indoor 250m track/multisport facility, has bee recommended by the City of Edmonton Community Services Committee to be heard before the City of Edmonton Council.

Yesterday supporters in Edmonton crammed into Council chamber to support the moition and to listen to speakers arguing for an against the proposed Velodrome. The Committee heard fro mthe Argyll Velodrome Assocation, Alex Steida, Alberta Bicycle Assocation President Alan Schietzsch and various other figure heards from sporting and public bodies. It also heard from area residents who support and oppose the project because of possible traffic increaes. This is another step closer to buidling Canada’s only UCI-sanctioned 250 metre indoor track. We’ll havee more information as it becomes available.


One Response to “Edmonton Velodrome Update”

  1. I think we (the cycling community) should do everything possible to continue the lobby. If this is now moving to Edmonton City council, they should become the next target of a maill, email and phone campaign. Does anyone have the necessary contact info available? If so, please post it here, (and on Canadian Cyclist Forum, Pedalmag Forum and any other relevant Canadian cycling Forum) and lets keep this thing going.

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