Job Posting: Volunteer Coordinator Position


Contact: Molly Turnbull

264 9752


Promotion and support of utilitarian cycling in Edmonton


 The summer volunteer coordinator will be responsible for organizing volunteers and materials for a number of Edmonton Bicycle Commuters’ summer events, including Bike Month and Bikeology Festival (


$15/hr, 30 hours a week, 16 weeks, starting June 1st, 2008

closing date, Monday, May 26th 2008


The job:

1. coordination and supervision of volunteers 

2. supervision of supplies for volunteer events

3. coordination of EBC summer events and festivals, including Bike Month and Bikeology Festival

4. liaising with City of Edmonton, non-profit organizations, and businesses

guided promotional work, including connecting with the media



skills needed:

1.enthusiasm – these are fun events

2. comfort in cycling to and from appointments and to event – these are car-free events. Several volunteers will assist with pulling the trailers.

3. interacting with volunteers to set up event schedules

4. training volunteers to do uncomplicated tasks 

5. supervising volunteers

6. communication with events coordinators – you’ll be under the supervision of one person, but there are many people who make these events happen and provide input

7. minimal computer skills – email, creating schedules

8. managing the set-up of information tables and promotional materials


One Response to “Job Posting: Volunteer Coordinator Position”

  1. Spencer Royds Says:

    Great Job with the web-site people! The info and support for the Alberta cycling community has been a long time coming, I’m sure all who visit the site would strongly agree.

    Again…Great Job!!

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