Bikes on Broadway Report from Team H&R Block


Like a prairie storm, Calgary’s Team H&R Block descended on Saskatoon this past weekend for a classic of the Saskatchewan spring road calendar, the Bikes on Broadway Stage Race. The race featured two stages in the centre of Saskatoon: an 8-km Time Trial Saturday evening along the South Saskatchewan River; and a Criterium Monday. Sandwiched between these two races was Sunday’s 120-km Road Race on prairie roads northeast of town.






The racing started well for H&R on Saturday, with Cyrus Kangarloo taking the Time Trial win convincingly, finishing 18-seconds ahead of both team-mate Chris McNeil and Dan Wood (ERTC). Other H&R riders in the top ten included Aaron Schooler (6th), Ryan McKenzie (7th), and Anthony Steenbergen (9th). From that point on much of the race for H&R focused on taking time-bonuses away from opponents who posed a threat to the lead established in the TT.


Sunday’s road race featured the usual prairie elements – straight roads, wind, road-kill, gutter riding, more wind, massive farm implements on the road, cross-wind, and a group of approximately 8 riders at the finish. Brian Robinson (Cyclemeisters/Bow Cycle) took the stage, with H&R sprinter Jeff Bolstad grabbing valuable bonus time in third.

Monday’s namesake marquis stage, the Broadway Avenue Criterium, turned into an H&R Block/ERTC battle, with ERTC attempting to get riders up the road and H&R riders countering their every move. Dave Jetz and Peter Lawrence held the peloton intact for H&R, while McKenzie and Steenbergen made forays off the front. H&R succeeded in taking both time primes (Bolstad and Lawrence), in addition to the cash (and socks) primes won by McKenzie. Seeking to secure both the overall for Kangarloo by grabbing a time bonus at the finish and the stage win, Ryan McKenzie took off solo and established a substantial gap with approximately 20 minutes left in the race, cruising alone to victory while Kangarloo and Bolstad led the pack in to make it a 1-2-3 H&R sweep.


H&R ended up with 4 riders in the top-ten on the general classification. In addition to Kangarloo and McNeil in first and second places respectively, Bolstad finished 6th while Steenbergen placed 7th. Next up for Team H&R Block is the Spring Clean-Up Track Meet in Calgary this coming weekend.

2 Responses to “Bikes on Broadway Report from Team H&R Block”

  1. Awesome job Brian on your own against so many “green guys” and winning the road race!!

  2. Lori Ann Ward Says:

    Looking to contact PETER LAWRENCE (great job on your race) regarding AOG’s Renunion – we use to work together at Alberta FutureVest Corporation. Nobody within the H&R company seems to know how to get a hold of Peter.

    Please contact me at Thank you.

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