Giver8r Enduro

The Deadgoat Giver-8-er kicked off the Western Canada Enduro series this weekend in Calgary at Canada Olympic Park. More than 140 racers enjoyed 8 hours on their plush XC race saddles, and competition was both fierce and painful.  Ideal weather conditions welcomed athletes, which produced great results.  Dallas “Diesel” Morris (Team H & R Block) won the Solo Men’s event and Alana “A to the H” Heise (Terrascape) cleaned up the Women’s Solo race.

Results can be found [here]

Check out the photos of the event from LungShot [here].


3 Responses to “Giver8r Enduro”

  1. NOW that’s for REAL MEN!!
    Dallas did you beat Chris Etough, see pictures above!

    Job well done.


  2. Thanks Tim
    I was banking on this event to be so unreasonably hard that no real ‘short track/XC’ athletes like the ‘Flying Dutchman’ CX/MTB Champion would be there to lay down the smack….and I was right.

    Kudos to Jeff Neilson, because 2nd place just never gets enough attention.
    Solid effort by all who attended this well organized event.

    8 hrs on the bike is only a few hrs longer than a long and hard TRANSROCKIES stage and there’s 7 in a row…or did you forget who won that race last season 🙂 That’s very disappointing dude!



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