Midweek Mayhem Cycling Association

Calgary, Alberta – June 16th, 2008

The Midweek Mayhem Cycling Association of Calgary is proud to present the inaugural running of “Le Circuit de Mayhem”, a new road cycling circuit race on the Alberta cycling scene.

Taking place on Thursday August 7th as part of the new Calgary Bike Week race series, Le Circuit will run on a challenging 5.3km loop in the Northwest of Calgary based out of the Bearspaw Lions Club on Nagway Road.

Midweek Mayhem is also proud to announce that along with being a part of the Alberta Road Race series, Le Circuit will play host to the 2008 Alberta Youth Championship Road Race. The Youth Championship and Alberta Road Race Series events are expected to attract some of the top cycling talent from Alberta, Saskatchewan, BC, The Yukon, as well athletes from the Northwestern USA.

Le Circuit is a not-for-profit event in support of the Alberta Provincial Cycling Team. Midweek Mayhem’s mandate is to promote weekly cycling race series in Calgary in order to help grow the sport of cycling in Alberta. As such, donating proceeds from Le Circuit to the Provincial Cycling team is a way to continue working towards our organizational goals, and to ensure that racers’ money is re-invested in the sport.

More information will be available soon, including the Technical Guide, but keep checking the race blog for
periodic updates at http://mayhemrace.blogspot.com. Please also refer to the Midweek Mayhem Cycling Association website at http://www.midweek-mayhem.ca .

“The Alberta Bicycle Association is delighted to have such a wonderful event hosted in Calgary. This event is an outstanding opportunity for Alberta to host some of the best cycling talent in Canada”
– Kipp Kauffman, Executive Director of the Alberta Bicycle Association.

“The support of the Alberta cycling community (and) the Midweek Mayhem Cycling Association of Calgary with events like “Le Circuit de Mayhem” creates important development opportunities for youth cycling in Alberta so that young athletes may compete against peers of their own age. The donation of race proceeds to the Provincial Cycling team continues to support the efforts of our dedicated young athletes towards gaining the experience, knowledge and skills they need to succeed and reach their goals.”
– Jayson Gillespie, Head Coach of the Alberta Provincial Cycling Team

Contact Information:

Midweek Mayhem Cycling Association
Noel Flatters (Director, Race Promoter)
e: midweekracing@gmail.com
w: http://www.midweek-mayhem.ca/
w: http://mayhemrace.blogspot.com/

Alberta Bicycle Association
Kipp Kaufman (Executive Director)
e: kipp@albertabicycle.ab.ca
w: http://www.albertabicyle.ab.ca/
t: 1.877.646.BIKE (2453)


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