Suffer Springs Summer Solstice

Provided by Roddi “Dr. Smooth” Lega

The Suffer Springs Summer Solstice XC race took place at Station Flats, near Bragg Creek on Sunday, June 22nd. This fine event is Alberta’s oldest mountain bike race. Some say it’s been going on for over 20 years, but since the internet is only wee little teenager, we don’t even know its true age. Legend has it that it’s so old, in order to get the age Paul Bunyan would have to chop it down, and count its growth rings.

The rain let up for a few hours to let everyone enjoy the day. In the women’s Elite race, Mical Dyck took home the glorious win over the “leader” plate wearing Pepper Harlton. Mical was overheard saying, “this race course is even more fun than portly boy Roddi Lega. I had an brilliant time!”.

The men’s Elite race was rather diverse, and the lead changed several times. Boss Hogg (person in charge) after the first lap of fun was Dallas Morris. Alas, he ended his race on lap 2 with a broken mountain bicycle. This allowed the lengthy and elegant hair of Jon Nutbrown to pilot going into lap 3. However, Nutbrown’s hair got knotted in his gearing and this conked out his rear derailleur which forced him to gallop for much of the final lap. In the final corner Jeff Nielson and Peter Lawrence were collectively going for glory, Nielson laid down the horsepower and was awarded with a brilliant win on an excellent Alberta day.

A few Photos can be viewed [here] and Results can be viewed [here]


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