2008 24hrs of Adrenalin – Canmore, AB

The 24hrs of Adrenalin marked it’s 10th anniversary at the Canmore Nordic Centre with an epic day of racing!

This event brings MTB racing in Alberta to the masses as well over 1,000 competitors raced challenging and difficult 16 km course to see which team and soloist can complete the highest number of laps within the 24 hr period.

To mark the anniversary, Canmore played host to the 2008 World Solo Championships. Over 200 racers signed up to compete for 24 hrs straight – most without any sleep and very little rest. Mountain Bike legend Tinker Juarez was on hand to defend his world solo title. Fellow Albertan’s Cory Wallace and Dallas Morris both competed this year, challenging in the Elite category.

Santa was in the house…

The Deadgoat’s seem to really like their single speeds – so much so that they raced the Solo Single Speed Category!

Cory Wallace had a great race as he finished 5th overall and was the top Canadian as he completed 16 laps in just over 24.5 hrs.

Teams and soloists alike were able to complete about 3.5 laps before the sky opened up and it started to pour. Rain, rain, & more rain. The hourly cycles of hard rain then no rain repeated over and over all night long turning the course into a slop fest. All the roots were as slippery as ice and all the dirt was peanut butter mud. Lap times slowly increased as the condition of the course got worse.

The mud was too much for Tinker, as he got a chunk of it in his eye, and just couldn’t get rid of it. Upon the advise of the medical team on site, Tinker abandoned the race in favor of some medical treatment at the Canmore Hospital. That left the door open for Aussie James Williamson to take the win.

Along with Cory Wallace finishing 5th in Elite, other Alberta results included Dallas Morris in 8th place in the Elite field while Lonn Bate finished 2nd in the crazy category {single speed].

Full Results for both Solo and Team Categories can be found [here]

Check out the video of the Lemans Start:


4 Responses to “2008 24hrs of Adrenalin – Canmore, AB”

  1. 2wheeler Says:

    and Carena Dean of Canmore finished 5th in Elite Women!

  2. 2wheeler Says:

    I meant 4th!!!

  3. Evan Wishloff Says:

    Anybody know of any sites with pictures from the race? I know that there were many times some people were taking pictures of riders on the course. I’d love to see any of the sites with these pictures.

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