Bill C-572

A Vancouver MP has proposed a bill in the house of commons in Ottawa to make bicycles and bicycle related goods and services GST exempt.

You can read about the bill [here] and view the actual proposed bill [here]

All the more reason to upgrade to XTR or Dura ace!


One Response to “Bill C-572”

  1. Alan Schietzsch Says:

    Here’s a template, folks:
    Dear Laurie, (paste in your MP’s name)

    On June 13, 2008 Charlottetown MP Shawn Murphy tabled a Bill in the House of Commons to remove all GST from bicycle sales across Canada to promote both sustainable transportation and healthy activity.

    On behalf of our over 3000 competitive members, and the tens of thousands of cyclists we represent in western Canada, please support this bill which encourages cycling.

    The provincial government’s figures show that some 40% of Albertans participate in cycling each year, for recreation, as well as for transportation, fitness, and sport competition.

    This is a win-win for the government: it shows environmental responsibility and encourages health, fitness and sportsmanship, while costing virtually nothing.

    I encourage you and the party to take advantage of this opportunity to show leadership and environmental responsibility with no real cost.

    – Alan Schietzsch (write your name instead of mine…)

    Alan Schietzsch, President and your address etc.
    Alberta Bicycle Association
    11759 Groat Road
    Edmonton AB T5M 3K6
    Phone: 780-427-6352
    Toll Free: 1-877-646-BIKE (2453)
    Fax: 780-427-6438

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