Roddi’s Stimulating 2008 Mountain Bike Season Recap

MTB Coordinator Roddi Lega gives BikeAlberta a super duper recap of the 2008 season. Check it out…

Ready, set, GO. The year of the Rat, 2008 was a splendid move in the right direction for mountain biking as we had a grand 17 races on the dirt in our glorious province of Alberta.

The Alberta Downhill Riders Association (ADHRA) stepped up to the plate again this year and hosted the entire gravity series with 4 low down on the DH, downhill races. If it wasn’t for El Presidente Doug “No Name Needed” Zech of the ADHRA, we wouldn’t have had any DH races in Alberta for the past few years. We owe them a passionate kiss/hug combo for all of their tireless efforts. The kickin’ it live events were held at Edmonton’s Rabbit Hill, Golden BC’s Kickinghorse resort, Blairmore’s Pass Powderkeg was the Provincial Championships, and Calgary’s COP. All events were well attended and oversize smiles were seen by riders all around. Holler to Ty “Baron Von Skillz” Paksi of ADHRA for taking home the “Leader” plate and the series title, and to Nick “Awesome” Quinn (Calgary Cycle) who laser raced the fastest time at the Provincials.

Big Hug

The lonely yet powerful 1,300 rider strong, 24 Hours of Adrenaline (which was also the World Solo Championships), was held in Canmore on a handsome July weekend. Alberta riders Cory “Magic Man” Wallace (Freeskool) and Dallas “Shake ‘N Bake” Morris (H & R Block) represented our motherland like true strongmen lumberjacks with their respectable 5th and 8th place finishes. Boo yak a shah!

For the cross-country riders, we had 12 events. I can remember it like it was yesterday…It all started way back in April at the Coulee Cruiser in Lethbridge, where riders raved about the new course layout. Riders were heard saying things like, “best Lethbridge course ever!”, and, “The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses – behind the lines, in the gym and out there on the dirt, long before I dance on the pedals under that sun.” and “Anytime I see something screech across a room and latch onto someone’s neck, and the guy screams and tries to get it off, I have to laugh, because what is that thing?.”

Next up was the first of 4 races that were hosted by the honorable Evan (Suffer Face) Sherman and Mike (Wrecking Ball) Sarnecki, of Alberta MTB Racing. Will Ferrell once said in a famous Saturday Night Live skit, “We need more cow bell”, and that’s what these guys did. They bought 200 cow bells from a top secret cow bell dealer that was located somewhere near “area 51” in the New Mexico desert, and handed them out at the first 2 races. These guys stepped up the level of fun and atmosphere at all of their events which were the Perogy XC, Bacon Buffett of Pain and Suffering, Nordegg Life Checklist, and the XC Provincials. Great hustle guys! No one will never again say, “We need more cow bell”.

Returning XC races in ’08 were the Canmore Iron Lung, Summer Solstice in Bragg Creek, Canmore Canada Cup, Devon Dust Up of Lower Devonshire, and the legendary Bow 80. Your writer’s favorite mountain bike trails in the World are part of 2 races. One is the Canmore Canada Cup course, which was brought to you by the Rundle Mountain Cycling Club. The other was hosted by Cyclemiesters/Bow Cycle and they were the ones with the sweet tasting B-B-Q sausage that was handed out at the Iron Lung, which took place on the Nordic Center’s lower trails. Rave reviews came from the vast majority of riders. I personally would like to thank Canmore and all of the Canmore organizers for being excellent

Alberta’s oldest XC race course is the Suffer Springs Summer Solstice, and it is always good for some muddin’. On some of the same trails as the Summer Solstice, is the famous Bow 80. This grand event sold out 200 spots in less than three hours. That’s almost as much time as it takes for Roddi “Hot Sauce” Lega to complete the race course. Livin’ Lavida Loca that’s crazy! The demand is there for the riders, which proves that with a heck of an event, comes a heck of a lot of racers. Heck YEAH!

The Devon Dust up was hosted by Hardcore of Edmonton. I don’t know how a race on the prairies could have so much climbing, but it did. The guys cooked up burgers and the rain stayed away just long enough for Hot Sauce to lock his keys in his car. Doh! But the trials dudes that were demoing their super skills helped us break it open and the day ended on a happy note with another burger and another cool event.

Brand spanking new events in the year of the Rat were the Hinton Moustache Madness, and the Giver-8-er which took place at Calgary’s COP. Cory “Magic Man” Wallace and Freewheel Cycle in Jasper kicked in to organize the Moustache Madness. The new course got spectacular reviews, and moustache madness was had by all. The Giver-8-er was Alberta’s sole 8 hr event and oh boy do people love to sit on their bike seats for 8 hrs. This attractive young go-getter of a race was hosted by Deadgoat and it was part of the Western National Marathon Series. The Deagoat crew held a wonderful event and Crazy Larry announced the full 8 hrs with all his might. Good times!

The blissful winners of both the XC series and the Provincial Championships were, Tim “The Lean Mean Heemskerk’en Machine” Heemskerk (United Cycle) and Pepper “Crushfield” Harlton (Juventus). The Western National Marathon Series Champions were the Craig “Lightning Slayer” Stappler (Deadgoat) and Alana “The Terrascape Big Hurt” Heise. Some fresh nicknames for some destroyer bike riders.

And that’s that. The super enjoyable ’08 mountain bike season all wrapped up in a nice package! See you all in ’09.


2 Responses to “Roddi’s Stimulating 2008 Mountain Bike Season Recap”

  1. great recap roddi and big, big props to all the organizers and volunteers who made the summer of 2008 super duper wicked rad!

  2. It was an awesome year by all measures, talk about a full season.

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