Interbike Report – Inside Ride

This report is brought to you by:

Inside Ride

One of the coolest things we saw at the show this year was these rollers from Inside Ride.  The rollers sit on top of a base frame allowing them to move independently.  The rollers move with you, so you can spin, stand, and sprint all with the authentic feel of riding the road.  Small roller blade wheels sit perpendicular to the rollers and light up as they spin when your bike wheel gets too close to the edge.  So do these rollers really work as they should, or was the guy demonstrating them just a Roller Riding Star?  Well, BikeAlberta put them to the test.  A brave volunteer who has never been on rollers before (and deathly afraid to ride regular rollers) agreed to try them out.  Sure enough, after about 1 min of getting used to the feel of the bike, it was smooth sailing, er riding I should say.  Proof was in the pudding foresure.  The Inside Ride definitely achieves the desired effect.  Perfect for minimizing the boredom of indoor training or ideal for a coach or shop employee to dynamically assess bike fit and motion mechanics while a person rides right beside them.  Suggested retail is $700 USD.


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