The Dark Night & Oval Cross

Provided by Eddie Garvin (Team Cyclemeisters/ Bow Cycle)

Alberta’s first night cyclocross race goes this Saturday, at the Olympic Oval in Calgary.

You’ve seen all the photo’s and news clippings from Cross Vegas and thought to yourself, wow that would be fantastic to ride at the absolute limit in a ‘cross race in the dark. Well, now you have your chance. Team Cyclemeisters/ Bow Cycle is pleased to present Alberta’s first nighttime ABA Cyclocross race. Unfortunately, the course will have some lighting for safety so you should be able to see just fine. We will of course be trying to take you through some darker areas too though, so if you’ve got issues with night vision you may want to reconsider … nah.

Check out all the race information [here]

 So you had so much fun on Saturday night at the Dark Night ‘Cross you just can’t wait to race again.
Well here ya go. Same place, different club, and the same, but different course. This time you’ll be able to see where you’re going so come on out and check out what you raced on the night before  at the Olympic Oval Cyclocross race.

Race details can be viewed [here]


One Response to “The Dark Night & Oval Cross”

  1. Thanks everyone involved for putting on this race… to keep it to the point, it was absolutely awesome!

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