Oval ‘Cross Race Report & Results

Provided by Eddie Garvin

October 5th, University of Calgary
National Cycling Center Calgary

Photos by Bill Quinney

There were many blurry eyes in the morning as racers, still sore from the Dark Knight ‘Cross, made their way to sign-on for the Olympic Oval Cross. In a first for back to back races in Alberta, the same course was to be used on consecutive days. This time though the racers would be able to see just what the heck it was they were riding the night before.

Fields were down from the previous night, but the weather was fantastic, and the racing was hard. The 10am start saw MTB’r Bailey McKnight win his third consecutive sport race. He swears he can’t afford to buy a ‘cross rig so an upgrade won’t work for him, but I think it’s time he took his winnings and plunked some money down on some new wheels … see you in Expert Bailey. Second and Third were taken by John Clark and Charles Gibney.

The 10am start also saw a few of Stephen Burke’s new recruits to the Oval Program trying out their first race. Good on them all for giving it a good rip. Robert Dunn won it ahead of Zoe Dahl and Michael Molyneaux.

11am saw the Experts and Open Women take to the course. We thought the combined start would be a good idea to try and speed the day up but it simply lead to chaos for the overloaded commisaires. My apologies to the Women for once again having trouble with their results. We got the order right, just not too sure on the actual time splits. The Expert race saw Mat Krahn take the win from Mac Carson and David Roberts. Pepper Harlton repeated her performance from the Dark Knight and won ahead of Mical Dyck and MTB enduro star Trish Grajczyk.

The Elite men took off in blustery conditions with Tim Heemskerk running the slate clean for the weekend ahead of Shawn Bunnin and Andre Sutton.

Again, many thanks to the fine folks from the University of Calgary and Stephen Burke for rounding up a cheerful gang of volunteers. Thanks of course to the racers who were very helpful in taking down the nearly 8000ft of course marking tape.

This was a really great weekend of racing and I think the powers that be at the University were impressed with the spectacle of cyclocross and the enthusiasm that so many of you show for this truly quirky sport of ours.

Full results can be viewed [here]

More photos from Bill can be viewed [here]



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