The Dark Knight Race Report, Results, & Photos (Updated)

Provided by Eddie Garvin
October 4th, University of Calgary
Team Cyclemeisters/ Bow Cycle

Photos by Bill Quinney

Funny thing happened on the weekend in Calgary. A bunch of crazies got together for a bike race in the dark, and a party broke out. It must have been something in the air, or perhaps it was the accumulated stress of a season of racing looking for a place to vent. Whatever it was, it made for a hell of a night of racing to some great tunes in front of a huge crowd of rowdies.First off lets give some love to course designer Brian Robinson. Giving new meaning to the term ʻflowʼ, that course just simply left everyone raving. From crash corner in front of the DJ, to the dark flowing sections past the sand pit, this course was as fast and rhythmic as the tunes being spun by the great guys from levelcommunications. I wonʼt go on, because I think itʼs just impossible to describe how amazing it was to ride that course in the dark … you really had to be there!!

The results of the racing are almost secondary to the party, but I’ll do my best to describe the

The 7:20 start saw the Sport Men and Open Women launch onto the course with the sun setting and visibility getting worse with every lap. Bailey McKnight in only his second ʻcross race took out the win from Ty Andrews, and John Clark. The womens race saw some hot action from Pepper Harlton and Mical Dyck. Pepper prevailed after some bad luck with a flat tire saw Mical fall well out of the money. Chaos at the finish means that my results sheets disappeared and until I see who has cashed the chqs I won’t know who else was in the money … sorry!!!

The 8:15 start saw 27 Elites start 1 minute in front of 36 Experts … chaos hardly begins todescribe it. From my vantage point at the back of the Expert field it was fun to watch AaronSchooler make a run for it. His shot at glory was egged on by the cheering crowd and the outstanding commentary of Shawn Carter. Tim Heemskerk (aka ʻThe Dark Knightʼ) and ShawnBunnin slowly reeled Schooler in and somewhere around 2 laps to go they flew past to battle itout for the podium. Heemskerk ended up prevailing with Bunnin and Schooler finishing 2nd and 3rd … great stuff!!! The Expert race was not really seen by yourʼs truly, but the final standings saw 16yr old Kris Dahl taking out an impressive third consecutive Expert victory in front of Mark Rumsey and David Roberts. This will end Kris’ drive for Junior Provincial team points and the next races will see him bumped to Elite.

I would like to offer my thanks to the University of Calgary and Stephen Burke from the Olympic Oval Cycling Program for helping us get this outstanding venue. Also, a big thanks has to go out to all the volunteers and support people that make an event like this happen. And finally a big thanks need to go out to the 120 or so racers that understood that an event like this is bigger than the individual results. Cheers to all and here’s to The Dark Knight ’09.


Results can be viewed [here]

More photos from Bill can be viewed [here]

One Response to “The Dark Knight Race Report, Results, & Photos (Updated)”

  1. incredible event!

    i hope you CMC does this one again next season. if you missed it…eat it sucka!

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