Roughly 18 Questions w/ Shaun Adamson

Name, Discipline, and Sponsors
Shaun Adamson
Cyclocross, Road, Track, MTB
Juventus, RVC, Kona, Mom and Dad, Shimano, Alpha Q, Transcend Coffee

1. Age?
21. But by the time most of you read this, 22

2. Where did you grow up, and where do you live now?
Edmonton, the same house ever since I can remember…

3. Oilers or Flames?
Oilers, by default

4. What is your job?
Student/Barista/Salesmen/Lab tech

5. Best Result?
3rd, 2006 Cross Nationals, Espoir

6. Key to your past successes?
Riding lots, being mentally tough, having fun

7. What result are you most proud of?
1st at the Tour of Bowness crit in 2003, cat 3. It was my first win and it was a solo last-lap attack. When one guy came around the last corner, my parents couldn’t believe it was me.
Almost beating Bruce, my coach and the time trial king, at the Velo time trial last year, then finishing 6th on GC. 3rd at Bikes on Broadway 2007 after Bruce tore the road race apart, pretty much by himself, for me.

8. What’s in regular rotation on your iPod right now?
Actually, on my Creative is D.J. Sparls’ new mixes, Ministry of Sound Annual 2008, Michael Chase

9. Future goals in Cycling?
Learn as much as I possibly can about racing, technically, physiologically, and tactically. Finish in the top 20 at Cyclocross Worlds by 2013. Pass on all my knowledge…

10. Best memory in cycling?
Too many…
Racing with Johan Van Summeren at Sint-Niklaas in 2007 and the Lamboukredit team at the same race in 2008. Also going out for dinner with Thule and the team at the Portland USGPs in 2007.
Going to Cyclocross Nationals with Mike Bidniak in 2004.
Getting on the train in Brussels in 2007.
Talking to Lars Boom about his pants…

11. High Socks or Low Socks?
The higher the better, as long as you can still see the whole gastroc

12. What is your pre-race meal?
This is changing this year… but the night before is usually/ideally a wonderful and delicious pasta meal and salad.

13. What do you think about while you race?
Other than the task at hand, I usually have a song stuck in my head (I’ve tried to get certain songs stuck in there, but to no avail…) and I usually do math (ie. calculate how many laps we will end up doing, if or when I will get lapped, if I’m ahead or behind guys in time trials, you know, weird stuff…)

14. Campy / Shimano / SRAM?
Shimano, but I would ride anything somebody gave me for free.

15. Any pre-race rituals?
Not really. But I have been told that I get more and more excited/amped/loud as I get closer to the start. I love it when I’m so excited and ready to go that I just have to scream!

16. Any (other) passions or hobbies in your life?
I like going to church, making excellent coffee at Transcend Coffee, cooking delicious food, gaining knowledge, and sitting around doing nothing.

17. Best bike you’ve ever owned?
I really enjoyed my Kona Zing Supreme last year, so I’m really really looking forward to riding my new Kona King Zing this year!

18. What’s the best part about cycling in Alberta?
The people and the weather. I miss the mud and sand and crap in Belgium. I miss the hills from Victoria and Oregon. But it’s sunny more often than not, warm but not too hot, and I love the people!

One Response to “Roughly 18 Questions w/ Shaun Adamson”

  1. Shaun,

    I think you are an example for some people out there!
    Nice picture when you were a little boy and wearing bike clothing already.


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