CX Weekend Report – Cross for Kids & Blow Street Cyclo-cross Race

Provided by the Alberta Bicycle Association

Photos by Lungsnot

The Alberta cyclo-cross scene moved back to the south this past weekend with a double-header in Calgary. The hangover from last weekend’s National Championships/Jim Horner GP was evident in the smallish fields and lengthy injured and packed-it-in-for the season lists. Exceptional racing, however, was had for those in attendance. First up on the weekend was Saturday’s “‘cross for kids”, organized by Team H&R Block and held at Canada Olympic Park, while on Sunday the CX peloton was treated to the Deadgoat ‘Cross at Blakiston park, in northwest Calgary.

Cross for Kids occurred on a new course at COP, site of much construction and silliness, with the course of previous years now obliterated. A variety of surfaces, not to mention a bit of mud, greeted the racers, along with fine ‘cross weather including a few flurries and early morning dullness. Category winners included Noel Flatters (Calgary Cycle) in Sport, Matthew Krahn (United Cycle) in Expert (somebody upgrade that kid!), Pepper Harlton (Juventus) in Women, and Tim Heemskerk (United Cycle) in Open. Notable achievements included Pepper’s first lap – as fast as the Elite Men’s; Bicisport’s Shawn Bunnin’s second place finish on his birthday, and the $1200-plus raised for Kid’s Cancer Research. Post-race, the peloton adjourned to Tubby Dog for merriment in honour of Mr. Bunnin, (which also contributed to a couple of non-starters on Sunday). Special thanks, especially, to those riders who chose not to race but attended the event to cheer on their peers and, most important to contribute to the Kids for Cancer cause. Full results are now available.

Sunday’s race featured another new course, this time at an obscure park tucked behind a Co-op supermarket in north-west Calgary. The fast route featured both pavement and grass, which led to a few exciting sprint finishes and wipeouts. Winners included: Brian Carson (Shmoe Racing) in Sport; Matthew Krahn (United Cycle) in Expert (darn it, upgrade the kid already); and Pepper and Tim once again in the Women and Open categories, respectively. Spectators pre- and post-race were heard pressuring Pepper to race Expert, which may happen yet this season! Also of note was a “first” cyclo-cross appearance by Bill Blonski (bicisport), and the creative use of shopping carts as course markers. Check out the results.

Congrats and thank-you to Team H&R Block and the Deadgoat/Schmoe crew for another great weekend of Alberta ‘cross racing.


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