Campus ‘Cross Report

Provided by the Alberta Bicycle Association

The Alberta ‘cross scene moved to Red Deer this weekend for the penultimate race on the outdoor calendar, with the Campus ‘cross taking place on a circuit adjacent to Red Deer College. The course featured grass, heinous tight turns on a shale baseball diamond, a run/carry section through a beach volleyball court, and swoopy, bumpy trails through the woods. The big story, however, was an infernal windstorm from the north that blew in halfway through the first race, causing much re-taping and windproofing of the course. Temperatures also dropped rapidly, descending to near the freezing mark by race end. Riders, hale and hardy souls that they are, adapted readily to the weather’s fluctuation, gritted their teeth, and pushed through the backdrop of unrelenting wind to complete their competitions.

The wind certainly affected the racing, as the grass section of the course was very exposed. This led to much paceline work, and even some echelon action, truly rare in a ‘cross race. Much of the racing followed a similar script to previous weekends: Noel Flatters (Midweek Mayhem CC) dominated Sport category for his second consecutive win, Hardcore rider David Roberts won a spirited battle with Keith
Bayly (Veloplzen) in Expert, while Tim Heemskerk (United Cycle) continued his streak over bicisport’s Shawn Bunnin (2nd) and Aaron Schooler (3rd) of Team H&R Block. Meanwhile, the Women’s race was wide open, as local star Pepper Harlton (Juventus) opted to race with the Experts. Bridget Linder (Hardcore) triumphed
over second-place Shantel Koenig (Independent) and Tori Fahey (Deadgoat).


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