Albertan in Boulder, CO

This weekend Alberta’s Tim Heemskerk traveled to Boulder, Colorado to compete in the Boulder Cup.  Here is Tim’s take on Day 1:

To everyone that is curious how I did today the following update: OKAY, we are in the US and A in Boulder, Colorado, to be more precise and I just finished the first race of the Boulder weekend. It was bittersweet since I rode well but had sooo much bad luck in that first lap….first Barry Wicks unclips his pedal right in front of me in the first meter of the race, and next I dropped my chain for the first time but that was a quick fix while riding, next the worst part for me: I dropped my chain again and now a nasty one. My chain is all curled up and this means off the bike and fixing it, about 15- 20 seconds is lost during this bike fix.  So I am riding back in 35th position now in the 2nd lap of the race….outch game over for sure. I keep hammering and start to pick up people and with 5 laps to go I am back into the top 20 passing 15 people in like 4- 5 laps. Right now I am thinking of quitting the race and save my energy for tomorrow but that’s not really my style so I keep going hard and picked up a few more riders and another 2 in the last lap finishing 14th. Now that is pretty close to where I thought I would finish and now I start to wonder: what if? I pretty much rode the whole race by myself and did not get much drafting from other racers on this fast course…..and lots of sand! Well another hard race into the legs. Hopefully I just had my portion of bad luck and things get better tomorrow. Funny that today’s race organizer knows about Canada House in Holland, he came up to me and gave me some nice compliments about it. -Tim.


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