Roughly 18 Questions w/ Aaron Schooler

Name, Discipline, and Sponsors

Aaron Schooler, Road-Cyclocross (I did MTB before but I suck at it), Team H & R Block-Louis Garneau-OGC-CAP Management Services

1. Age?

Ummmm… 23? I don’t know… born 1985, that’s all I remember


2. Where did you grow up, and where do you live now?

Edmonton Baby… Born and Raised!

3. Oilers or Flames?

I did downhill skiing as a kid so we were definately NOT a hockey family… But Oilers if I had to choose. Something about flames that makes me cringe…

4. What is your job?

Professional Drawer. I draw lines on paper and people buy the paper when i’m done. It’s a pretty intense field actually, brought to you by black gold.

5. Best Result?

Nationals 2007 I got 4th and was in 3rd for a while, until Plaxton got his seat post fixed. Also won the Bowness Omnium Overall 2008. Probably because I didn’t crash that weekend.


6. Key to your past successes?

Staying upright, animal crackers, and Darrel Lea’s Australian Style Strawberry Soft Licorice.

7. What result are you most proud of?

Cyclocross Nationals 2007 (2nd- Espoir) and going to Worlds in my first year Elite. Oh, and jumping the Massive drop in Mill creek on a cross country MTB. My massive Biceps.

8. What’s in regular

rotation on your iPod right now?

Who said I had an I-pod? well, a mix of Planet Smashers, Snow patrol, Tegan and Sara, KT Tunstall, Reel Big Fish, and Great Big Sea.

9. Future goals in Cycling?

Not crash so much.

10. Best memory in cycling?

Climbing Anarchist at ‘no higher than 150 heart rate’ … hahahhahaha .. I mean at race pace attacking eachother the whole 13 km. So much fun

11. High Socks or Low Socks?

They both look un-natural


12. What is your pre-race meal?

Italian pastries are the Bomb. But usually some sort of Fish and Rye-crisps.

13. What do you think about while you race?

Whatever song is playing in my head at the time. Usually Metric.

14. Campy / Shimano / SRAM?

Shimano … Just cause.

15. Any pre-race rituals?

I try and calm myself down as much as possible because if I get too ‘pumped up’, I tend to crash more. Pre-race naps are the best!

16. Any (other) passions or hobbies in your life?

I’m building a 3D apple right now, it’s pretty sweet! Has an apple core and everything! Oh ya, and making alogrithms out of paper, and thinking that I am unstable. I love that one.


17. Best bike you’ve ever owned?

2001? GT Avalanche (Blue). I could do everything on that thing. till I turned roadie and raised the seat post and then cracked the frame becuase the seat was too high.

18. What’s the best part about cycling in Alberta?

Training rides in pitch black in the winter on the walking trails and no one is out. Also spending hours on rollers inside while watching as many movies as you can.


3 Responses to “Roughly 18 Questions w/ Aaron Schooler”

  1. Hot Sauce Says:

    WTF is schooler doing jumping that gap on his XC bike then crashes his brains out in road races. Full on DH’rs, with all of their gear on are still affraid of that gap….seriously….WTF!

    Years ago I heard stories of some kid hitting that gap and they said he had some crappy xc bike and was clipped in but was super smooth and skilled. This can’t be right. That must be another peron in the picture. Sick dude!

  2. So why the heck does Schooler crash so much on the road…unsolved mystery…

  3. broski,

    Good interview, I heart you!


    ps – keep it real.

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