Intermontane Boxing Day Sale!!!!

It’s the season and so there must be a Boxing Day sale. For one day only…sign up for the Intermontane Challenge for $1000 (GST included). That’s a savings of over $300!!!!

There will be no standing in lines with others hoping to get that one great deal in that store. Just grab your coffee and sit down in front of your computer and get the best deal in adventure mountain bike racing. No elbows…no pushing and shoving to get that prized sale item. Now that’s a sale worth getting.

Sale starts at midnight Boxing Day and ends 24 hrs later. This isn’t a gimmick to get you in OUR store to have you leave disappointed… We want you to join the race that is going to supply you with the most single track, the original clover leaf design course.

We are also including with all race entries a Louis Garneau jersey just to sweeten the pot. Add another $110 to the savings!!! No door crasher sale… Just a great deal.

Plan your summer around The Intermontane Challenge…Kamloops is waiting to show you what a great place it is to ride in.

Remember… Boxing Day Sales only come around once a year, so don’t miss out.

See you next summer!!!!

Intermontane Team

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