Provincial Coach Moving to Manitoba

From the Manitoba Cycling Association

Jayson Gillespie had never been to Winnipeg until last week. His first impressions were good – good enough to accept the position of Provincial Team Coach of the Manitoba Cycling Association (MCA). Jayson will start in this position in the New Year.

Since 2005, Jayson has been the Provincial Cycling Coach and Head Coach of the National Cycling Center in Calgary starting in 2007. Through his role as Head Coach, Jayson gained experience in managing a high performance cycling program and coached some of Canada’s best junior and senior national team athletes. In 2008, Jayson was appointed the assistant coach of the Canadian team competing at the Junior World Road Championships in South Africa. That team included Winnipeg cyclist Leah Kirchmann. He is also the coach of Brayden McDougall who competed in cycling at the recent Paralympics in Beijing.

In addition to his cycling experiences, Jayson has an extensive academic background. With an Undergraduate degree and a Masters degree in Biology, and a half-completed exercise physiology degree, Jayson’s in-depth understanding of sport science helps him develop world-class training programs. His certification as a level 3 coach helps him understand the principles of coaching and training.

The Manitoba Coaching Association is thrilled to have Jayson join its team and look forward to an exciting future of cycling in Manitoba.

The Alberta Bicycle Association will be looking to replace the Provincial Coach position soon.  If you are interested in finding out more information about the job, please contact Executive Director Kipp Kaufmann –


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