Canada House in Holland Update

Provided by Tim Heemskerk, TTP

Hello guys,

Since yesterday Canada House in Holland is complete. Brian arrived in Amsterdam last night and Andrew and I had to wait another 4 hrs since he missed his connection in London. Andrew arrived on Tuesday, and I am happy not to have to make the drive to the airport anymore. Amsterdam can be a busy place in rush hr I can tell you.

Andrew’s new Ridley bike fits really well and today we are going to size Brian on a bike and get our new Shimano shoes heat molded. The team provided a really nice race clothing package from socks to a skin suit. Next week Brian and Andrew will race the World Cup in Zolder (Belgium) in the U23 race and since they are jet lagged we will race a local race first tomorrow.  It will be a good opportunity for them to test the new bikes and equipment and their fitness.

Editors Note: Andrew finished 4th, Brian 8th or 10th and Tim won the “Local” race. “It is a good way to start a very busy next few weeks.” says Heemskerk.

It is great to have some good and professional support since it makes our lives easier and hopefully the race results even better.

I’ll will keep you guys updated.

You can follow along with Tim’s blog [here] and join the Canada House in Holland Facebook Group [here]

TTP Tim’s Training Programs
Professional coach and manager project “Canada House in Holland”.

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