Canada House in Holland: Race #1, Noordwolde, NED

Provided by Andrew Thomas

After a short warm up Tim, Brian and I started to make our way down to the start line, where we noticed a larger group of riders about to start. So we hurried over to the start line and took our places in the back row. As we were waiting to start, the big gun expected to win the race glanced over at Tim and said, “Are you Tim? You’re probably going to win today”. The big gun was defeated before the race even started.

So, we were off and started on this flat section of the course that circled around a small lake and then eventually into a forest with some tight sketchy corners. There was also one small hill with a slightly technical section at the base, which comes into play later on in this report.
The start was very fast, and because all three of us were at the back, we needed to move up as quickly as possible. I was sprinting through the pack with Tim on my wheel and Brian close behind, and in only a few short minutes, Canada House in Holland had reached the two riders off the front. Once at the front, Tim and Moorlag got away while Brian and I were holding off another few riders in top few spots.

Tim Heemskerk did what he does best, and made Moorlag suffer for a couple of laps before dropping him hard on the courses only hill I mentioned earlier and rode to the first win for Canada House in Holland. Brian still being very jet lagged from his journey across sea’s, had a strong race and finished in 11th spot. He is now looking forward to getting over this jet lag, and inflicting some pain and suffering on other racers in the races to come. I was riding in 4th with another rider, who was very strong on the flat sections but not so good in technical sections. So like Tim, I dropped this racer on the hill with the technical section at the base, and rolled in for 4th place.
Not a bad for our first team race.
Big thanks to team JanTerpstra for providing us with everything we need to race cyclo cross in these parts of the world.


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