Albertan’s in Europe

Just a quick update with our Albertan riders who have extended their racing seasons by traveling to the holy grail of cyclocross – Europe.

Photos from

Andre Sutton (Hardcore)

Andre Sutton & Aaron Schooler raced in Belgium this past Sunday in Tervuren, a UCI C2 race. Both riders had a strong race, as Schooler finished on the lead lap and Sutton was not far behind, only one lap down against the world class field.

You can follow along with Schooler on his blog [here].

Aaron Schooler (H & R Block) in background

Meanwhile, Canada House competed in theUCI 1 race in St Michielsgestel in Holland. Battling crashes at the start and illness, Heemskerk finished only 3 mins off the lead in 33rd posistion even with being under the weather, while Brian Robinson nearly ended on the lead lap. Andrew Thomas continues to battle bad luck as he was a DNF due to a couple of flats and an early race crash. Full results from the race in St. Michielsgestel can be viewed [here]. Up next for Heemskerk is the Dutch National Championships.

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