Canada House in Holland Update

Provided by Tim Heemskerk

Another week, another cross race!

Last Sunday we travelled to St. Michielsgestel for the UCI 1 race called: Grand Prix Richard Groenendaal. A nice course was presented with a super steep ramp which caused some riders having troubles to get over with some entertaining pile ups.

About 70 ELITE- ESPOIR racers lined up and after 200 meters there was a huge crash right behind me with Andrew being victim of this crash. I was right in front of it and Brian was behind it and saw all the carnage that was done.

First lap I passed the finish line in 19th….finally (!!!!) that is the spot I think I belong to right now in these races, unfortunately not for long since I had no power today and was under the weather fighting flue- like symptoms…man this is getting frustrating to me!
I ended up loosing more spots and finishing 33rd with 3 min’s (ONLY) down to the winner of this race. I rode technically well but today I lacked power and something was not right in my body the past few days, hopefully this bug will be gone by Sunday: Dutch Nationals Cross.
Andrew dnf-ed because of the hard crash and he’s trying to get mobile again after visiting the team physiotherapist yesterday. He told me it was the most painful thing he underwent, ever.

Brian improved his bike skills and needs more work on cornering fast and not to loose too much after the start.
It is a steep learning curve for all of us and the team has been supporting us really well. The project has the potential to grow bigger and I predict that in the next few years Canada could have a very competitive racer in the front of this World Class field! Having a team behind you and receiving proper support is a must to do well over here so the racers can focus on training and racing, next to staying healthy. It would be nice to succeed with a few racers in the long run since some racers, including Canadians in the back of the field, are being made fun off by some (drunk?) Belgian supporters.

Next race: Dutch Championships in Huijbergen.

Check out some NEW pictures on the Canada House in Holland facebook page.

Tot ziens,


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