Canada House in Holland Update #6

Provided by Tim Heemskerk

Hello Guys,

Another week went by and another week closer to Worlds for the boys here in the Canada House in Holland.
Last weekend was Nationals day in Europe, so the Canadian boys traveled to Egmond and rode their first Beach Classic with another 3500 (!!) felllow competitors. I have done Beach Classics before and the first time is always really impressive and something very unusual. First of all you race on a MTB with balloon tires, and the first question Brian asked me is which tires he had to mount?… those are the right tires..there’s no knobs on beach tires! Those balloon tires make you float over the beach! Brian and Andrew (who managed to get a flat on the beach) raced with the other MTB team members, and I got ready for Dutch Nationals in ELITE MEN with the help of my wife Dr. Debby Heemskerk- Koonen đŸ™‚ who has been going to the races with me for the past 16 years or so.

I was getting over the flu bug towards the end of the week and the day before the d- day I actually started to feel normal again and strong. I was super focused and determined to finish within the top 10 of one of the strongest cyclo cross nations in the World. I tried to do everything RIGHT in my preparations, and stayed focused during the pre- ride the day before and the morning off. I prepared myself on the trainer in the morning, just before traveling to the race course and another session on the trainer as my pre- race warm up 1 hr before the start of the race. The start looked to be going well, but now a guy next to me unexpectedly bumped into me and I lost some momentum and about 5 spots in the first 2 meters (!). I did not panic and stayed in my zone ready to ride fast and started picking up people and finally reached the top 10, finishing 9th only 20 seconds off of number 8: FINALLY! This is where I feel I am at the moment and finally a good race which I am happy about and that feels good.

The team support was awesome and the course was awesome as well, I could have done another 5 laps like that! It was by far the nicest cross race I have done the past 2 months since I arrived in Europe for cross.

Lars Boom won the race (having 18 stitches in his arm) and a friend of mine: Thijs Al finished 2nd and has an awesome season this year.

We are getting ready for the Super Prestige race in Surhuisterveen this Wednesday, and hopefully we will be able to do well in front of all our sponsors who have been supporting us the past period. They make our lives much more easier.

My thoughts are also (already) with a new planning for next year taking all our new experiences into account to keep growing and narrow the gap to the front of the race! To really do well over here training and racing has to change quite a bit.

Stay tuned,


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