Canada House in Holland Update #7

Provided by Tim Heemskerk

Hello Guys,

time for a new update from Canada House in Holland…
Last Wednesday we all raced in our “home” race Surhuisterveen resulting in less travel time and some good start money to start with. At least we can eat properly now for the next week!
The race was MUDDY and all 3 of us are slowly becoming MUD specialists, it better not be muddy in Canada because we will tear things apart from now on!
My race was good, right after the start within top 15, mistake @ the bike change which cost me about 5 spots and finished 20th…wow..a good result for a Super Prestige race, and way closer to the front as well, so I was happy. Andrew was NOT happy, he flatted AGAIN and ran for half a lap to change bikes and to finish 39th. Brian started in the back and stayed in the back, BUT his legs are getting better and he did some good, technical work in the mud as well which will improve him as a racer in the future. Apparently he did kiss a wall on the race course, not sure where he found that wall but he did kiss it and lost some precious time and had some soreness during the past few days.
Yesterday we raced (in the MUD) again, and we chose a race close by with some decent racers, yes.. most cross racers over here are fast, it is a lifestyle. Andrew and me had a good start and rode in a lead group of 3 racers for about 1 lap. I managed to get away and build up a nice lead, and 1 lap later Andrew got away from the other guy finishing 2nd.
Brian was unfortunate at the start line and hit a steel pin (that holds the race tape) and he had to start from dead last and managed to work his way through the field, not sure where he finished. Finishing 1st and 2nd was good for the team, and it was a good training without too much race stress, which we already had lots of the past 6- 8 weeks. It was a good choice leading up to Worlds and hopefully things will come together there for the boys.
That’s pretty much it for the past week. We had some good training and some good relaxation and one more good week of training before their taper off towards Worlds will start.
I will add some new pictures this week, stay tuned!



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