Canada House in Holland Update

Hello Guys,

I am writing this email from Edmonton since I arrived last night after a long trip. Brian and Andrew dropped me off in the airport and they joined the National Team for the last few days leading up the Worlds.
Hopefully they will leave it all on the course and will use all the things that were learned during the past 2 months. I know it has been quite the experience the past 2 months and a first experience for them racing in Europe for that long.
It is NOT easy and quite stressful being away for such a long period of time, racing and training in a different culture and people talking differently but having a team backing you up has helped so much.
I do hope they will suffer like they never did before but also that they will ENJOY this experience, it has been a lifetime experience that’s for sure. Lots has been learned.
Thanks for all the people supporting us, it really does make a difference receiving a supportive email once a while and keeping touch with home!

Why I am home some people might wonder? Well first of all I finished 9th at the DUTCH Nationals and top 7 qualified for The Netherlands, and I had to come back before my current Visum expired on January 31st. The boys joined the National Team so there was nothing left for me to do up there.



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