Canada House in Holland Update

Provided by Tim Heemskerk

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday both Brian and Andrew raced their last race of this cross season at the World Championships in Hoogerheide (NL).

Brian did not have the race he was waiting for and just got lapped by winner and world- class racer and pro Philip Walsleben from Germany who has been dominating this season and who is able to race the big pro’s like Nys, Albert, Stybar and Boom.

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Andrew somehow did not have a good call up and had to start near the back and worked his way up during the first 200 meters but was involved in a crash about 1 km into the race when 3 other riders when down with him. He had to start from dead last and again worked hard and passed some riders to finish 47th BUT more importantly he was ONLY 4 min down! Yes only 4 minutes to this World Class racer and that with a bad start position and with a crash! I consider that a great race and it shows how important it is to race over there for a few minutes and gain fitness week after week and this is what has been happening for him. He had the best legs of the entire trip in this race!

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Watch an interview with him by clicking on the following link:

I am proud that we were able to pull this cross project off in such a way with all team support and support from Dutch sponsors and TTP willing to support the team. Almost everything we needed was provided by the team, see
It has been quite the journey and thank you for everyone that has helped us. From Debby and Lukasz helping organizing a cross race with me back in September: GP CHAMPION CITY, with proceedings going into rent for our bungalow in Holland and other expenses, to team management in Holland. Special thanks to Maarten Kemperman who at the age of 22 years has been managing things in an excellent way and very professionally.

Preparations for Canada House in Holland #2 have started today and it is important to get support from within Canada as well. My wish is to have 4 to 5 talented and young racers over there racing cross and gaining experience and fitness and have one or 2 Canadian racers being competitive at this level in the next few years, and show themselves to the World instead of being made fun of by some drunk spectators when they are racing at the back of the field.

I will ask Brian and Andrew to write and post their own race report of the World Championships, stay tuned!


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