CBMA GoldSprints! Report

Provided by BikeAlberta Calgary Correspondent Sean Carter

The Calgary Bike Messenger Association hosted the CBMA Goldsprints! On Feb.28th at the Distillery in downtown Calgary. The general format was 3-up, 300m efforts, as many as you wanted to do, aiming for the best time you could hammer out. The CBMA guys built their own super-sturdy roller setup and had the riders efforts projected up on to the bigscreen for everyone to see. About 35 heartly souls showed up to party, shout encouragement (and various explitives!), and partake in some great racing action. Many racers were seen running for the bathrooms after their efforts as beer, mixed with full-on, anaerobic efforts can obviously induce some stomach convulsions – this guy included!

I am still waiting for confirmation but it appears that Bicisport rider, Graham Thompson, walked away as the winner with a blistering time of 12.8? seconds – over a second faster than his closest competitor. I am not sure where i finished, but when i left i was sitting in 4th with a post-puke effort of 14.18 seconds – a full second faster than the previous pre-puke run!

A great time was had by all and i highly recommend everyone to come out to the next event – even just to watch. Check the CBMA website for more info and upcoming race dates.

Have a look at this link for a few pics of the action – http://picasaweb.google.ca/seanmcarter/Goldsprints#


3 Responses to “CBMA GoldSprints! Report”

  1. Gumbercules The Mighty Says:

    Top 5 bro!
    1. Graham 13.632
    2. Zache 14.1
    3. Sean Carter 14.184
    4. Chris 14.239
    5. Skater Dan 14.361

    I attribute my win to the 7 pints I drank before the qualifying sprint and another 5 before the final. I shall return for the next round wearing the coveted super bling Goldsprints Hoodie.

  2. i attribute my fine 3rd place to the bottle of red bicyclette i drank – and eventually vacated from my gullet just prior to my best time!

  3. Gumbercules The Mighty Says:

    So my winning RPM works out to 220rpm on the 46/16 they had setup.

    Matt Crampton just set a new Rollapaluza record on Feb 22.
    They standardize on 500m distance in a 44/14. He did it in 17.90 flat which is 254rpm or 100.6Km/h. Faster then Hoy and Mclean.

    That’s just sick.

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