New Website for EMBA

The Edmonton Mountain Bike Alliance (EMBA) has a new website:

EMBA is a registered non-profit society that is a growing and influential advocacy organization for mountain biking in the City of Edmonton and area.

So what is EMBA about? well…
They maintain trails and keep them sustainable.
They work to keep legitimate trails open.
They promote respect for the environment through cooperative education.
They encourage etiquette and shared use of trails.

Some of EMBA’s past achievements include effective dialogue with the City of Edmonton to continue the first ever sanctioned maintenance of singletrack trails with four “TRAIL DAYS” held in 2008. Three were held in Mill Creek and one in Terwillegar Park.  They are planning on hosting 6 trail days in 2009, 2 of which will contribute to news trails in support of the Canada Cup Race to be held in June 13th entirely within the City, at Kinsmen Park.

Our first trail day of 2009 is also now scheduled for May 2nd and 3rd. It’s to be held at Kinsmen park in support of the Canada Cup races. I’ve attached the poster. Would you be able to post this on your site, as well, as news? We’ll have more details about the IMBA visit and the associated activities around it. It’s a 4 day event planned with club care workshops, trail building workshops, a social, and, of course 2 days of trial building.


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