Crazy Final kms Sprint Crash from the Tour of Turkey

This is crazy! That’s all we need to say…check it out for yourself:


4 Responses to “Crazy Final kms Sprint Crash from the Tour of Turkey”

  1. wow thats just nuts. i looked at the video 5 times. it does look like he on purpose, took the race leader down. doesnt look like he was trying to keep himself up, or anything like that.

    definitely disgraceful.

  2. Yeah, he is so strong to throw him into the fence (from the right to the left) while doing 55 km/ hr and knowing he will crash right on top of him…..
    too bad the video does not show what happened to his bike (foot) and the fence when he put his hand on the other rider’s shoulder. Very unfortunate situation which destroyed his fair sprinter’s reputation he build up.

  3. Clarence Says:

    Seems there are many a debate on other various forums regarding the incident : more against BOS than pro though.
    I have read further that both cyclists were in the ambulance together and BOS did not even say a thing to IMPEY. All BOS wanted to know was how long it was going to take to get to the hospital. If BOS was generally
    sorry for what he did and was a genuine mistake; you would think he would have apologized right away?? or at least spoke to IMPEY in the ambulance??

  4. Check out breakdown:

    Very interesting….

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