Will the Internet Revive MTB Racing Sponsorship?

It’s a far stretch from MTB’s hayday of sponsorship during the mid 90’s, but there are glimpses of hope the MTB racing sponsor dollars will rise back up.  With the increase in popularity of Road cycling during the Armstrong era and the diversification of MTBing (emergence of Free Ride), MTB racing took a dive in sponsor dollars and struggled to get mainstream exposure for a number of years.  Remember when the NORBA’s were on tv?

Well, I like to think that there is a resurgance of MTB coverage coming, along with new sponsors – fueled by the internet.  Websites like cyclingdirt.com and Freecaster.tv are bringing MTB racing to the masses, for free.  In a time in the world when everyone is holding their dollars tight, it’s nice to see this positive change and increase in exposure for MTB racing.

Check out this on demand video of the South African World Cup.  You too can watch all the World Cup races online LIVE on Freecaster.tv.  The Offenburg World Cup is next on the list…



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