Call for Volunteers – United Cycle Edmonton Canada Cup

Canada Cup June 13, 2008
Location: Edmonton River Valley – Start Location: Near the Kinsmen Field House

Volunteers are required for :

• Course marshals
• Set Up and Take down of Event
• Parking Attendants
• Registration
• Miscellaneous Duties as required
• All positions required RAIN or SHINE!!!

In general, volunteers will be asked to be available from 8am – 5pm on June 13, 2009, however, registration takes place on Friday June 13, 2009 from 3pm – 9pm. Every volunteer will get a T-shirt from the event and lunch during the event.

This race is part of the Canada Cup series held across Canada between May and August 2009. This is the first time it will be held in Edmonton and the first time that an event like this will take place in the heart of the River Valley.

The following positions are required:

Course Marshals
Course Marshals are required for the following reasons:
1) To help to ensure spectators/bystanders do not wander onto the course during the race.
2) To radio in any requests for medical assistance due to injury and to radio in any DNF’s if someone happens to report to you they won’t be finishing the race.
3) Help provide encouragement to athletes as they race by!

Course marshals are stationed in groups of 2 at various locations around the course. Lunch will be provided. Course marshals will be required between 8am and 4pm. It is recommended you bring a lawn chair so you don’t have to stand the whole time. Any noise makers/cheering is appreciated!!

Set up/Take Down (if you are not able to volunteer for an entire day, help setting up around 7 -9 am and/or take down 4-6pm would be appreciated!)
Set up (or take down) of the event includes setting up the tents and tables at various locations – sign in, feed station, finish line/timing, post race food tables. After the event, all tables require a wipe down before putting away.
Take down will also include removing course markings along the course (wooden stakes, taping and signs). It will also be necessary to make sure the area is clean of garbage from the event. Garbage cans and bags will be provided.

Parking Attendants
There are two parking lots near the start of the race course that we require people to be stationed at to help keep the parking organized. Basically, you will be asked to direct people to open parking spots or to kindly refuse entry if the parking area is full. This position will likely only require help until noon.

Registration of the athletes will take place on Friday June 12, 2009 at United Cycle. We require volunteers to check-in the athletes when they arrive and hand out the event package. Registration will take place from 3pm to 9 pm and dinner (sandwiches or pizza….) will be provided.

To volunteer your time, please email Tara-Lee Sherman at

To find out more details about the race go to


3 Responses to “Call for Volunteers – United Cycle Edmonton Canada Cup”

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  2. My son recommended your blog. I’ve bookmarked your blog.

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