Win a Free Entry into the Dirt Series MTB Camp

The Dirt Series Mountain Bike Camps is starting their season in just a couple weeks, and heading to Calgary in mid May for two different camps.The weekend of May 16-17 will focus on the women, in a two day women’s only camp, geared to beginner, intermediate, and advanced riders. On Monday, May 18, they’ll open it up to the men too, offering a co-ed camp again geared towards all levels of riders.

Professional coaches like Lorraine Blancher, Lisa Lefroy and Tera Card will teach both camps, while Andreas Hestler will travel out to join in for the Monday edition. This is an amazing opportunity to start your season off right, polishing off your current skills, and adding even more new ones to your list.

And here’s the best part: you can win an entry and go for free. If you’re interested, send an email to , including your choice of camp, what you’d hope to learn, and the reason you think you should win. On May 4th, the Dirt Series will read through all the entries, and choose the winning one.

So, send in an entry if you like, pass this on to a friend who you think would love the camp, and otherwise get ready for a fantastic riding season overall.
For more information on the camps, see the pinkbike posting here:


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