Midweek Mayhem May 12th Race Cancelled + Race Course Update

Provided by Midweek Mayhem

May 11, 2009 (Calgary) – For those of you not already aware, we had a bit of a rude surprise late last Tuesday afternoon when we arrived at the Mayhem race site to prep everything for the first night of 2009 racing. A series of rather large holes had been dug into the road on the straightaway between corners 3 & 4… We were unaware of any impending projects at our location, and the situation was further confused when the City told us that it wasn’t their crews doing the digging.

The good news is that we were finally able to talk to the construction boss (Bell, as it turns out), and he indicated that if everything goes to plan they will be finishing up in the next couple of days.

The bad news is that with the rain and thunderstorms forecast for tomorrow here in Calgary it doesn’t look like they will finish by the end of the day Tuesday. As such, we’re going to pull the pin and cancel racing for Week #2. We *SHOULD* be able to proceed with rac ing in Week #3 on May 19th. Please be advised, however, that we may need to push our start times back slightly due to the parking situation on the race course stemming from the new parking fees at Brentwood LRT station. Stay tuned to our Facebook group and Twitter feed as our web guy is going to be in Ontario for the next little bit and may not be able to update the website.

Shameless Sponsor Plug:
In the meanwhile, why not stop by Campione Cycles in Calgary (one of our sponsors) at 908 12 Ave SW and see what kind of special Midweek Mayhem deal James might send your way… Or check what sexy new rack products are available from our other fine sponsor Thule Canada at http://www.thuleracks.com/ or one of their fine local dealers?

Sorry for the delay to the start of the season. We really appreciate your patience, and please know that we’re as frustrated as the rest of you that we haven’t been able to get things going yet!


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