Trans Stony Update #1

Craig Stappler (Deadgoat) and Jeff Neilson (Terrascape) are in this lead In the Superman Solo category after finishing 4 laps in the first 1.5 hrs. Erik Bakke is in third approximately 7 minutes behind. Then it’s a lot of Deadgoat guys chasing the top 3 positions.

Leading the way for the women solo category is Kate Aardal (Hardcore Racing) completing 3.5 laps at the 1.5 hr mark. Kate is followed by Alana Heise who is 4 minutes back.


2 Responses to “Trans Stony Update #1”

  1. jon nutbrown Says:

    I wish I was there… Looks like everything went great. You guys have some good ideas.

    See you guys (the racing gang) soon when I get the hang of this parenting thing.

  2. Unfortunately due to technical difficulties we were unable to provide a play-by-play live update online, but we’ll put together a race report soon.

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