Midweek Mayhem Results

The 2009 Midweek Mayhem Calgary Crit Series kicked off on Tuesday night in frigid and windy conditions following 2 weeks of cancellations due to construction on our race course.


A 30m + 3 laps:
1. Craig DeBellefeuille (CMC/Bow Cycle) – 10pts
2. Dustin Andrews (H&R Block – Kona) – 8pts
3. Anthony Steenbergen (Calgary Cycle) – 6pts
4. Andrew Davison (Calgary Cycle) – 4pts
5. Craig Fraser (Calgary Cycle) – 2pts
Prime 1: Anthony Steenbergen (H&R Block – Kona) – 2pts
Prime 2: Craig Fraser (Calgary Cycle) – 2pts

B – 25m + 3 laps:
1. Bailey McKnight (Synergy) – 10pts
2. Stephen Neveu (Synergy) – 8pts
3. ???145/443???
4. Patrick Brick (Independent) – 4pts
5. Jay Keddy (Independent) – 2pts
Prime 1: Jay Keddy (Independent) – 2pts

Women – 25m + 3 laps:
1. Monique Sullivan (Team PCL) – 10pts
2. Carol Chester (Bicisport) – 8 pts

For 2009 we will be tracking Team/Club results to award the Midweek Mayhem Calgary Crit Series Team Championship, Cyclocross Series Team Championship, and Overall Team Championship. Serious bragging rights on the line here! Points are added up from the A/B/Womens races each week. Synergy Racing leads the way this week with 18 points based on their 1-2 finish in the B race. Complete standings after Race #1 are:

1. Synergy Racing (18pts)
2. Calgary Cycle (16pts)
3. CMC/Bow Cycle (10pts)
4. Team PCL (10pts)
5. H&R Block – Kona (8pts)
6. BiciSport – (8 points)

These standings may change slightly if we are able to resolve who the 3rd place finisher in the B race was.

Congratulations to all for a good safe race under tough conditions. Special thanks to Campione Cycles (http://www.campionecycles.com) and Thule Canada (http://www.thuleracks.com) for their support of the 2009 season.

For more information on the Midweek Mayhem race series please visit http://www.midweek-mayhem.ca/ or email us at midweekracing@gmail.com.


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