Pepper Harlton it out for the elite women once again – riding her Cross Bike!

2 Responses to “Perogy”

  1. Furious Fred Says:

    Someone tell Pepper to stop disgracing ABA MTB races and dust off her mountain bike. CX bikes do not belong in MTB races. Perhaps the ABA course designers should actually add some technical riding to re-inforce this notion.

  2. Hello Furious Fred

    Do you know that I am first a mountain biker above all other disciplines?

    What I ride is pretty fairly by definition a rigid frame with 29inch wheels. Take or leave the drop-bars or narrow tires. (Ned Overend raced with drop-bars on his mountain bike once… way back in the day…. Just an interesting tid-bit).

    I race my Cross Bike in MTB races because it’s the “All Terrain Bike” I chose to ride. I train the Edmonton River Valley Trails on My cross bike, because I love the ride… the challenge. I’ve rip’d my sweet-sweet Louis G- Steeple X, on mtb trails in BC, Oregon, Belgium, Holland… and Buffalo pound Saskatchewan! I put 3 months of road miles on my CROSS bike last year during pre-season, then raced my CROSS bike in a number of Alberta Road Races, and will do so again throughout this season. It is my “all terrain bike.” Why not? I have even been thinking about Racing the BOW 80 on my cross bike. Just Because Fred. Just because I am curious to see if me and my Rigid 29er with drop bars can do it.

    And Fred… disgracing ABA MTB races?? Really?? You are out to lunch my fellow rider. The ABA, Alberta Mountain Bike Racing and all the Local Clubs have done an outstanding job providing us MTB riders with top-notch race venues. Especially where no “mountains” exist. Delighting all of us with new course designs, fresh cut trails, and a HOT-TEAM of event organizers to make it a race worth going to. Event organizers who have extensive MTB racing backgrounds, and years of riding experience. The technical demand is there… the kicker is I CAN ride it on my Cross bike. So I do. It’s fun, it’s hard, and I like it.

    Hope that reduces the level of Furious’ness.

    Take Care – Ride 4 life

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