Midweek Mayhem: 2009 Calgary Crit Series Race #2

May 26th, Calgary AB – Race #2 of the Midweek Mayhem Crit Series took place tonight in Calgary under much improved conditions over last week. While the strong winds played a part in both the A & B races, the temperature was significantly warmer.The warmth brought out the racers this week, with 49 taking the start for the first race of the night. The 30 minute + 3 laps B race followed a different scenario than usual, with a break-away of two riders (Jeremy Roles – Speed Theory, Ian Aulds – Veloplzen CC) managing to keep away from a chase group of 6 from the early going of the race. The chase group was caught with only 2 laps to go, leading to a bunch sprint for the final 3 podium spots behind Roles in 1st and Auld in 2nd.

The A race was aggressive from the gun, with multiple breaks going up the road only to get reeled in. Craig DeBellefeuille (CMC/Bow Cycle) continued to show great form tonight picking up the first prime as well as second in the field sprint that ended the race. Jeff Bolstad (Top Gear – Calgary Cycle) was the man of the match, though, picking up first place for the night along with the second prime. Team H&R Block-Kona was also well represented with Chris McNeil and Peter Lawrence picking up third and fourth, while Adam Boyko (Top Gear – Calgary Cycle) rounded out the points in fifth.


A:: 35m + 3 laps:
1. Jeff Bolstad – Top Gear/Calgary Cycle
2. Craig DeBellefeuille – CMC/Bow Cycle
3. Chris McNeil – H&R Block-Kona
4. Peter Lawrence – H&R Block-Kona
5. Adam Boyko – Top Gear/Calgary Cycle
Prime 1: Craig DeBellefeuille – CMC/Bow Cycle
Prime 2: Jeff Bolstad – Top Gear/Calgary Cycle

B:: 30m + 3 laps:
1. Jeremy Roles – Speed Theory
2. Ian Auld – Veloplzen CC
3. Scott Donaldson – Top Gear/Calgary Cycle
4. Thomas Auer – Top Gear/Calgary Cycle

Team Standings:
1. Top Gear/Calgary Cycle: 40
2. CMC/Bow Cycle: 20
3. H&R Block-Kona: 18
4. Speed Theory: 12
5. Veloplzen: 10
6. Team PCL: 10
7. BiciSport: 8
8. Team Schmoe: 6

Special thanks to Campione Cycles (http://www.campionecycles.com
) and Thule Canada (http://www.thuleracks.com) for their support of the 2009 season.

For more information on the Midweek Mayhem race series please visit http://www.midweek-mayhem.ca/ or email us at midweekracing@gmail.com.

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