Midweek Mayhem Report

June 2nd, Calgary Alberta – Race 3 of the Midweek Mayhem Calgary Crit series provided another night of fast racing under perfect conditions.With another good turnout (30+) for the B group tonight’s race was a more ‘traditional’ one, with the group staying together for a field sprint after 30 minutes + 3 laps. The only mishap was a minor crash near the halfway point that saw 2 riders go down. Minor scrapes only, fortunately, and racing was able to continue following a short stop while our 1st Aid staff assessed the scene.

In the end it was Andrew Cullingham (Synergy) leading home the field ahead of Mark Franklin (Deadgoat), and Brent Topilko (Bicisport) rounding out the podium. Craig Verrier (Bicisport) and Dave Fajardo (Independent) took the prime laps for 2 points each. Allison Beveridge took the Women’s race win for Bicisport.

The A race was another fast one, and it once again featured aggressive racing with multiple breaks going off the front throughout. ERTC was well represented in Calgary tonight, with Dan Wood taking the win ahead of Craig DeBellefeuille (CMC/Bow Cycle) and Jon Wood (ERTC). Shawn Bunnin (Bicisport), Dan Wood (ERTC) and John Bence (Bicisport) took the 3 prime laps.

In the Overall A Group standings, Craig DeBellefeuille (CMC/Bow Cycle – 28) holds a commanding lead over Jeff Bolstad (Calgary Cycle – 12) and Dan Wood (ERTC – 12). The B Group is led by Jeremy Roles (Speed Theory – 12), Baily McKnight (Synergy – 10) and Ian Auld (Veloplzen CC – 10).


A:: 30m + 3 laps:
1. Dan Wood – ERTC
2. Craig DeBellefeuille – CMC/Bow Cycle
3. Jon Wood – ERTC
4. Shawn Bunnin – Bicisport
5. Chris McNeil – H&R Block-Kona
Prime 1: Shawn Bunnin – Bicisport
Prime 2: Dan Wood – ERTC
Prime 3: John Bence – Bicisport

B:: 30m + 3 laps:
1. Andrew Cullingham – Synergy
2. Mark Frankling – Deadgoat
3. Brent Topilko – Bicisport
4. Chris McCue – Calgary Cycle
5. Thomas Yip – Speed Theory
Prime 1: Craig Verrier – Bicisport
Prime 2: Dave Fajardo – Independent

Women: Allison Beveridge – Bicisport

Team Standings:
1. Calgary Cycle – 44
2. Bicisport – 34
T3. CMC/Bow Cycle – 28
T3. Synergy – 28
5. H&R Block-Kona – 20
6. ERTC – 18

Special thanks to Campione Cycles (http://www.campionecycles.com) and Thule Canada (http://www.thuleracks.com) for their support of the 2009 season.
For more information on the Midweek Mayhem race series please visit http://www.midweek-mayhem.ca/ or email us at midweekracing@gmail.com.


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