Iron Lung ʼ09 Race Report

June 7th, Canmore Nordic Center
Presented by Team Cyclemeisters/ Bow Cycle

The second edition of the Iron Lung brought racers back to the incredible Canmore Nordic Center for a weekend of racing on some great Canmore singletrack. The story of the weekend was not the racing though but rather the incredible spring storm that was raging in Calgary and the Foothills of the Rockies, but miraculously missed Canmore. Looks of utter disbelief were common as racers who had just traveled through the storm were greeted to sunshine and snow covered peaks at the Nordic Center. Race day temperatures were a bit brisk but the only
moisture was a brief snow squall that hit during the Elite/ Expert Start.

The Course was largely a repeat of the ʼ08 edition of the race except for the addition of some new singletrack and the debut of the newly rebuilt Devonian Drop and Ass Whupper descents. Although the Ass Whupper was largely tamed this year, the Devonian Drop filled the pain void and served up a huge can of whup-ass on the field. If youʼve ever raced through the Devonian Drop you will be familiar with the pond that must be bypassed on a very slippery and narrow trail. Well the new Devonian Drop brings you onto this trail at a very different angle and the result is that numerous racers went for a swim. Although Iʼm sure the racers didnʼt see the humor at the time, it proved to be endlessly entertaining for the spectators who had collected to watch the swim meet. An interesting observation from some spectators was that it seemed to be only the men that went in the drink! The women proved to be much more cautious through this section and ultimately, were probably faster. The reviews on the course seem to suggest that we are on to something by giving racers a true challenge and if the Nordic Center will allow us, expect to see some newly built trails for the Iron Lung 2010. With 150 racers signed up, we were guaranteed to see some tight racing in the large fields. The Novice Mens start saw Colin Croston ride away from the field to take a 3 min win over Ryan Young and Darren Freeman. The Sports Men start saw 16yr old Ty Andrews from Cyclemeisters take a 15sec. win over Brett Zagozewski and Brett Bittner from Rundle Mountain C.C. The Sport start saw some very close racing with the top 5 being separated by only 65sec and the top ten split by only 3 1/2 minutes. Expert Men ended up being a fantastic race between 17yr old Cyclemeister Kris Dahl and Hardcoreʼs David Roberts. The two rode together to distance themselves from the field with Kris edging out an 11sec. win. Peter Yez rounded out the podium nearly 5 minutes back.

The Novice Womenʼs Start was again held on our shortened Youth Course as an intro to racing for the Spinsisters Club. Coach Jeff Nielsen brought his group out to learn the finer points of suffering and the proved themselves worthy. Spinsister Carthy Chan took the win away with a
1:18 gap back to second place Karen Fedoruk from Hardcore. Leanne Yohemas from Cyclemeisters rounded out the podium. The Sport and Expert Womens fields saw some small fields but the racing was great nonetheless. Terrascapes Lisa LePoole took the win from Maggie Scallion in the Sport race with Alyssa Barker placing third. Expert Women had Nicole Muzechka from Terrascape taking a pretty impressive win over 16yr old Caelli Barron from Synergy. Amy Barnett rounded out the podium. The Novice Boys race saw Lucas Yoneliunas taking the win over Eric Ewert and Ben Marquardt. The Sport Boys race had Alex Steneker winning over Isaac Niles and Keil Hillis.

Sport Girls saw Allison Beveridge taking the win over Zoe Dahl and Sara Witzke. The Womens Elite start saw Pepper Harltonʼs ʻcross bike fall victim to the challenging Nordic Center trails as she was unable to continue her winning ways. Iʼm sure there will be some photoʼs of her crash circulating soon, but to Pepperʼs credit it wasnʼt the crash that did her in but
rather it was a rather unfortunately placed tear in her shorts that ended her day. Pepper graciously pulled herself from the race to respect the Iron Lungʼs ʻGʼ rating. Loni Klettl continues to amaze with her grace and speed and she took the win out over Deadgoatʼs Trish Grajczyk and Hardcoreʼs Bridget Linder. Iʼm not sure what more can be said about Tim Heemskerk, but the dude just keeps winning. In another impressive display of Heemskerkʼs abilities he rode in front of Pedalheads Roddi Lega to take his second consecutive Iron Lung title.  Roddi could not match Tim on the day, but rumour has it that Roddiʼs back, full, full, into the pond off of Devonian may have something to do with the final finishing order. Andrew Thomas from ERTC rounded out the Elite Podium.

Many thanks have to given to the great group of volunteers that the Cyclemeisters/ Bow Cycle race team continues to come up with. From the 30 man days of trail work in early May to the very final clean-up of the course they continue to go above and beyond to ensure an excellent event. We again had our ʻAll you can Stuffʼ b.b.q. put on by the parents of Team Cyclemeisters
and once again it was met with great reviews. Thanks need to go out to the people at the Nordic Center and our great sponsorship from Bow Cycle, Weatherford, Explore Surveys, Focus Directional Services, and our new coffee sponsor Mountain View Roasterie.

Thanks for turning out everyone, and cheers until the Iron Lung 2010.

The 2009 Iron Lung results can be found [here]


2 Responses to “Iron Lung ʼ09 Race Report”

  1. All credit to Kris. He rode an awesome race and had fuel in the tank when it counted most (at the finish). I’m not sure if he can officially qualify for the Provincial selection for the Canada Cups (because he rode Expert rather than Elite), but he deserves it. Nice work Kris.

    And thanks so much to all the organizers and volunteers–another great Alberta race. Between the Bacon, Perogy, and now the Iron Lung, we’re all getting spoiled out here when it comes to event quality. 🙂

  2. David,
    If he’s 17 years young he’s junior man.
    Good event indeed.

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