Canmore Canada Cup

Hosted by CAUSE Canada and Rundle Mountain Cycling Club, and supported by The Drake Inn and Pub, this will be the third Canada Cup held in Canmore over the past 3 years.

The 2009 CAUSE Canada Canada Cup is a marriage between two historic mountain bike races. Both the Ziggy Gnarly and the Race For Human Rights have long histories of supporting mountain bike racing at the Canmore Nordic Centre. This year’s race, however, is being produced by CAUSE Canada ( and all proceeds from the event will be allocated to public health teaching and HIV / AIDS prevention work in West Africa. Kona Africa bikes will be purchased and used in this important work by CAUSE Canada’s African field staff.


The race will be held at the Canmore Nordic Centre located in Canmore, Alberta. This is World Class facility which has plenty of parking, washrooms and a cafeteria onsite.

The Race course is a mix between double track climbs and technical single track descents. It is a slightly modified course which has been used in the last 2 Canada Cups. It is approximately 8km in length and the elite men did this in approximately 28 mins. There will be two mechanical/Feed Zones located about 4 kms apart. The first zone will be in the main stadium area, which will be easily accessible. The second station is remote but we will provide transportation for wheels etc. This will be coordinated for teams about 2 hours before the start of the elite race. Access for support personnel is by foot or bicycle only.

Register at and get more information at


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