Bow River Flow

Provided by Mr. Carter

Bow River Flow is an occasion for Calgarians to gather and celebrate life along the Bow River and Memorial Drive Parkway. Imagine a great flowing commons through the heart of our city – an event that is inclusive of and accessible to all Calgarians – an invitation for individuals, families, after-church congregations, tai chi enthusiasts, to come together to mingle, and to enjoy a leisurely walk or ride along Memorial Drive, or a float down the Bow River.

It is an occasion for Calgarians to take some time on the last Sunday in August to slow down and collectively reflect on our good fortune – to leave behind the hustle and bustle of our busy work lives and the noise and hassle of our cars and traffic and simply relax, and enjoy Calgary’s beautiful Memorial Parkway, one of the gems of our city.

“Over 200 roads a year, including major arteries are closed. The purpose of this event is to celebrate the river bank and to promote being healthy. This area is going to really be beautiful once the renovations are done. It will be vibrant. It will encourage people to get out of their cars on a Sunday” said Alderman Druh Farrell.

“Who else does this (road closures for walking and biking)? Ottawa, New York City, Philadelphia, Indianapolis, among many others. These festivals allow people to enjoy a sense of community and interaction” said Alderman Brian Pincott.

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