What did you miss at ’09 CX Nationals?

Dallas Morris fills us in:


Slow ride + beers. from Dalrock on Vimeo.

Good times where had by All!


2 Responses to “What did you miss at ’09 CX Nationals?”

  1. Thanks for the props B.A.

    Like any new hobby, I find making good videos is really challenging. But if other people like ’em, then it’s all worth it. So far I realized my new PC is slow, my HD Cam is bottom of the line, I’m probably wanted by the FBI for Copyright Infringement, and I could really use 2 other people shooting Vid, and 1 full time person on ‘still’… to get additional perspective… For a more fulfilling ‘shoot’.

    It’s just for fun really, which Bikes are all about.

  2. Thanks Evan and Mike for keeping the crowds wild, made racing that much better!!

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