Devon Dairy Queen Double Dipper

The fourth last race in the Alberta Cup series was held in the scenic and slightly muddy area of the Devon Lion’s Campground. Riders were treated to a winding, fast course that challenged them physically and mentally. The “Agitator” had a successful debut sending riders in then out in a circle. Comments ranged from “Great fun!!!” to “Why am I doing this?”.Sport riders in the morning had the best course conditions with most of the mud and sand still being slightly frozen from the night before. That did not completely stop the crashes, but held them to the minimum. Tim Kulak (ERTC) rode away to an early lead and held off the field for the win. Brad Chisholm (Pedalhead) arrived in second and Jeff Peron (RMCC) finished off the podium. Cash prizing down to fifth surprised some who were not around to collect their hard earned dough.

Just as the course started to warm up and slop up, the Expert Men took to the field with the wind picking up and keeping volunteers busy with course repairs and maintenance including more hay bales on the now slick descent. The Expert race was a fiercely contested battle with the top riders constantly swapping positions as they got further into the race. Andy Achuff (Pedalhead) ended up taking the win nine seconds in front of Jason Redfern (Pedalhead) with Ken Belanger (Ind) fighting for third.

Open women had a very large category with the same amount of racers as the Expert men. No surprise here as Pepper Harlton (Juventus) rode away from the field hot off her Toronto Cyclocross success. Marg Fedyna (ERTC) pulled in second with Loni Klettl (Freeskool) using her mountain bike skills to take third on the now muddy corners.

The Elite Men showcased another couple battles with Aaron Schooler (H&R Block-Kona) and Ryan Hopping (United Cycle) fighting for first until a gap was made on the semi-rideable climb with Aaron pulling away for the win. Chris Mcneil (H&R Block-Kona) and Craig Stappler (Deadgoat) also had a good battle for third staying together until the final lap where Chris was able to pull away.
The real treat for the Elite race was Andre Sutton (Hardcore) breaking his chain on the start line, fixing it and starting half a lap back then making up ten spots to finish ninth. I think I almost saw Andre smile while he was making the rounds.

United Cycle would like to thank all the participants and volunteers that made our little race such a success. We could not have asked for better reviews and feedback from you the rider. Look for next year when the “Agitator” returns to keep your head spinning.


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